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Jan. 31st, 2011 06:58 pm
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I'm still selling a few books, and I lowered the prices on the others that were left over. Mostly Kanda/Allen still (MR-GT and anachrojet), but there is one Lavi/Allen (Makiya).

Click here if interested and for more info (there's more series for sale other than D.Gray, in other posts within the journal, so feel free to look around). Thanks!

Crossposted to other comms. Sorry if you see this multiple times in your FL.
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Title: The One Worth Leaving
Author: Camudekyu
Rating: M
Pairing: Lenalee/Lavi
Length: 7 pages
Warnings: No spoilers. Adult situations.
Summary: There was an impediment this morning in Lavi's ability to block out the -man and focus on the Book-. That impediment was the wall his dormitory shared with Kanda's.
A/N: Instead of working on Animus Facit Nobilem, I wrote this. Silliness and springtime and teenagers.

"Oh, yeah," she said sarcastically. "That wasn't a kiss! That was about as much a kiss as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is." Lavi laughed. He felt a flicker of guilt—he'd definitely gotten more heartfelt CPR than that face-collision.
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Title: Penny for a Thought
Author: [livejournal.com profile] panda_pon
Characters/Fandom: Madarao x Tokusa/D.Gray-Man
Rating: PG? I'm sorry. I can feel my reputation disintegrating.
Warnings: Crack disguised as fluff disguised as...I dunno, derpiness? I don't even.
Wordcount: 491
Author's Note: Mandy/[livejournal.com profile] harmony283 gave me the prompt 'Penny', for which I am eternally grateful. ♥

After all, what does it matter if people stare? )

Also, it may just be me, but...the Thirds really need to be added to this comm's taglist. :\


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