ext_97164 ([identity profile] leafyaki.livejournal.com) wrote in [community profile] dgray_man2010-03-22 06:23 pm
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[Fic] Finch-Watching: Howard Link, Madarao, Tevak

Hi :D I bring Link + Madarao + Tevak fic.

Title: Finch-Watching
Pairing/Character(s): Howard Link, Madarao, Tevak (pre-slash Link/Madarao? …+Tevak?)
Genre: General/Friendship
Rating: Unabashedly G for once *g*
Summary: The habits of tiny little things have always intrigued Madarao. Finch-Watching ensues.
Warnings: VERY POSSIBLE OOC-NESS. Given that I know nearly nothing about Madarao and Tevak. And I’ve twisted Link beyond belief. Forgive me. They are kids here of an indeterminate age. Kids, really young ones.
Notes: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] symbolism_egg ’s birthday, and was prompted by this :D

There was a tiny little thing delivered to Central just yesterday, and he remembered catching a glimpse of straw-yellow (maybe gold-ish) hair, and eyes that were the colour of a sapling’s twig.

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