([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] dgray_man 2011-05-05 03:26 pm (UTC)

Woah! I have no idea that what the apocrapper bastard do to Link would blind him. When I read the manga, I just thought that the Apocryphos intention was just to erase Link's memory of that moment and the process that he did was in that feather-like form sticking out in his eyes, same with the guards. And in my view, I think the Apocryphos did not inject innocence to him, it's just his method of cleaning messes.

Anyway, so you have read chapter 205. Well if no beware of the spoiler: I am more curious to what Lvellie's planning. He said that he NEEDS Link in order to save Allen and the 14th. What could he mean about TO SAVE? Well, I am really excited for the next chapter, too bad its release is still on June.

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