([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] dgray_man2011-07-04 12:40 am

Things happen for a reason.

Finally get the time to work on this.
Love long weekend! \^o^/

This is sort of a continuation from last post.

Had too much fun with this.
And realized that last time all I did was faces, I tried to add more shots from different angles and had a good practice.
You can change this into "Let's get married do you want this? Yes I do." kind of thing~ *bricked*

I was going to do a part with Allen only, after I got inspiration from last post.
But Hoshino sensei already did it!
Allen went to find Martha for help! (Do I spell her name right?)
Well, at least my prediction was correct. =w=

I'm sure I screwed up the dialogues somewhere, but I'm too tired to think since I worked on this all day.
If you spot any errors, please let me know. ;)

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