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Blood and Lust Chapter 1

Pairing; Vampire!Kanda!xAllen (Yullen)
Rating; M for later chapters
Genre; Supernatural/Romance

S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

A boy no more than fifteen years of age ran through the cobblestone streets and alleyways of London as though trying to outrun an unseen enemy. His shoulder length brown hair hung in his eyes, plastered to the left side by the blood that flowed freely from a deep cut that marred his otherwise flawless face. An upside down star shaped mark rested above his eye and a jagged line descended from one of the points ending near his jaw only for blood to continue the decent and drip from his chin as he ran. The entire mark seemed too clean as though it'd been intentionally carved into his flesh with no regard for the pain it must have caused.

His breath came in ragged pants and his lungs were on fire, burning with the need for sweet, untainted air that just refused to come in the presence of his hunters, the adrenalin coursing through his veins the only thing that stopped him from feeling the burning agony that should have emanated from around his left eye and torn a violent scream from his throat.

'I've gotta-gotta keep running!' He thought, trying to run faster and push his body farther past its limits.

He could hear their laughter like a whisper on the wind, feeling like death's caress on his pale alabaster skin.
'You can't escape us Shounen,' came the whispered promise so close to his ear that he could smell the scent of death and decay that lingered on the creatures breath.

Another laugh, another gentle caress graced his skin as he doubled his efforts.

He was the mouse in the cat's game. The insignificant piece of prey that couldn't escape, knew they would die, but still continued to run, hoping-praying-that by some miracle they would survive, live another day, and see another sunrise. He was the one who would be sacrificed so that another could live, but he couldn't make himself stop running, couldn't surrender to the fate he knew awaited him.

At this hour when the stars and moon reigned over the heavens, when the streets were devoid of life there was nothing else to do.

There was no-one to run to, no-one to hear his screams if he'd had the breath to scream and no-one to save him. All he could do was run and hope that he would be one of the rare few lucky enough to escape deaths door.

He turned a corner down another alleyway hoping to lose the hunters, only to freeze as he found himself facing a dead end.

'NO!' He thought frantically, spinning around to go back the way he came only to see his hunters standing at the mouth of the alley, blocking his only escape, 'Oh God, please no...'

"Are you done running already?" The taller of the two asked an edge of disappointment in his smooth, velvety voice.

He carried himself with a confidence and elegance that made it clear that he knew his own power and there were few he'd be willing to bow to. His white dress shirt was loose fitting, but still managed to show off his well-muscled frame and his long black hair pulled back into a low ponytail at the back of his neck and fell to the middle of his back in a torrent of ebony silk. His skin was pale, his eyes gold and black, those of a demon sent from hell to destroy the innocent who stood before him now.

The boy could do nothing more than back away and crush his back against the wall. His eyes flickered about, trying to find some sort of escape despite the way his mind screamed at him to surrender or risk his demise being all the more painful. Besides even if he did-by some miracle-escape, he couldn't run anymore.

He just didn't have enough strength left in his tired limbs.

"Does this mean we can have him now, Tyki?" Asked the other hunter, a young girl who looked about thirteen or fourteen with dark bluish hair. Unlike her companion she carried herself with a child-like abandon, but there was something in her gold and black eyes that made her look far older than she should have. She wore a gothic looking purple and black dress that reached just above her knees. Her own demonic gaze was trained on their target with a hungry look as she licked her blood red lips.

"It seems so, Road," Said the one called Tyki, taking a step toward the boy.

A spark of fear and adrenalin shot through his system and he ran forward, trying to escape the hunters.
"Please not this again," Tyki sighed before gripping the boy's throat as he tried to run by.

The boy gasped in pain and shock as he was slammed against the wall, his vision starting to blur around the edges as blood dampened his brown locks and dripped down his neck, staining the collar of his pale shirt crimson.

"I've grown tired of your running, Shounen," Tyki growled, his face close to the boy's, "We might have made this pleasurable for you had you cooperated but now," he threw the stunned boy to the ground causing him to cough and gasp as the taste of blood danced on his tongue like copper and foil, "Now you're last thoughts will be of pain."

He pulled sharply on the boy's bloodied locks as he straddled him, forcing the younger to reveal his throat.

The glint of fangs in the moonlight made the boy's silver eyes widen in fear as the hunter moved closer to his now exposed throat.

A scream of agony caught in his throat as those horrible fangs entered his neck sending a torrent of white hot agony racing through his very veins.

S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

Kanda growled and wiped the blood from his chin as he retracted his fangs, before laying his now unconscious victim on the ground. The women had been easy prey, walking home alone at such a late hour. She had practically been begging for him to take a bite and he had never been one to turn down such an easy meal-even if it hardly tasted worthwhile, blood was blood and in this day and age a vampire couldn't be picky.

He'd seen it happen numerous times, a vampire got picky and refused to feed from just anyone and eventually starved thanks to that stubborn pride that prevented them from lowering their standards. That or they ended up killing whoever lived up to those standards which forced them to get involved.

It was a beautiful night in the city, the stars were vivid and bright and the crescent moon was a perfect claw mark in the sky, but such things did little to lighten the vampire's mood or lessen his distaste as the taste of that women's blood remained on his pallet, salty and unappetizing.

He gave his victim one last disgusted sneer over his shoulder before taking to the rooftops and heading off in the direction of his loft, deciding quickly that his thirst was sated for now and that looking for a more appealing target would just be a waste of time. Maybe he'd catch another bite on the way but he was in no mood to actually hunt for prey-dealing with humans was too much trouble and it was so damn irritating having to deal with the same thing, the same reactions, the same meager struggles every time he needed to catch a bite.

In the five hundred years since the Japanese 'Teen' had become a vampire he had grown bored of humanity. They were such fragile creatures who lived for the mere blink of an eye before they perished and were no more than a memory, a tombstone on the ground.

He detested the mere thought that he had once been one of those weak creatures ruled over by emotion and mortality, as fragile as a flowers stem.

He was yanked from his thoughts as a slight breeze drifted to him; carrying with it a tantalizing smell that made his mouth water and his throat burn with thirst. It was the scent of blood-he could tell that much-but the scent was different from anything he had happened across in his long life. It was sweet and fragrant, more appetizing than anything the he had ever imagined-and so much more appealing than that blasted women he had fed from just moments before.

"What the fuck?" he growled when something about the scent registered to his lusting mind. It was too clear, too potent and there was far too much of it, a sure sign that a great deal of that delicious crimson elixir was being spilled.

An animalistic growl rumbled deep in his chest at the thought of how much of it seemed to be going to waste when it could have been sliding down his throat extinguishing the burning thirst. He quickly veered right changing his course, heading away from his home and toward the unusually tempting blood scent.

After what felt like hours-though he knew it was only a few minutes at most-he finally reached a rooftop where the blood scent came from right below. The scent was clouding his senses and allowing his more primal instincts to take a bit more control than they would normally have, but he still had enough sense to check and make sure there was no one there-not that it would stop him, he just wanted to be ready if he needed to fight for his prize.

To his delight there was no one down there except for a boy lying on the ground.

He jumped down, landing with the grace of a jungle cat not twenty feet from the boy and slowly began stalking forward. He quickly became less cautious as he realized just what kind of condition the boy was in. Blood pooled around his throat and left arm where horrid wounds were visible through the torn cloth of his once white shirt which was steadily growing crimson as he continued to bleed.

"Che, couldn't even clean up their mess," Kanda scoffed, recognizing the wounds for what they were.

S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

The boy's eyes snapped open to gape at the inhumanly beautiful creature that stood over him.

Dark sapphire eyes stared down at him with an icy calm and long ebony hair hung down the creatures back from his high ponytail like a curtain of silk. He looked like an angel, but-then again-so had the ones who did this to him. He now knew that such beauty couldn't be trusted, only feared.

"Still alive, are ya?" The creature asked, raising one perfectly arched eyebrow.

The boy's breathing and heartbeat became erratic as he tried to take in enough air to scream, but with every breath, every beat of his frantic heart, his vision grew darker until a heavy darkness settled over his thoughts, the oblivion of unconsciousness taking its unrelenting hold, leaving him at the demons mercy.

S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

A/N: Well that's it for chapter 1! I am pretty happy with it-wow that's ironic-since it is my first dark Fic. I'd love to know what you think, so please leave a coment! The more comments i get the faster i'll post the second chapter.Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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