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 Title: Crawling in the Dark
Chapter: 2/?
Rating: T maybe M later
Warnings: Post 205
Summary: Allen's left the Order, but not without a plan. Tyki's words have given him a purpose so he's gone to an old friend, Cross's main informant, for answers. Secrets are revealed and plans made after she lets the Order in on a few things.

( He sat up, looking her straight in the eye, "Wouldn't it make sense to have a different kind, something they can't break?"

"Want an ace up your sleeve, huh?" she chuckled as he grinned at her wording.
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 Some cosplay photos under the cut, Myself as Lavi and my friend as Krory.

Lots of Pics under the cut... )
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Here are two more drabbles from my Miranda Drabble Collection. The first features Lenalee and Miranda. The second Arystar and Miranda. Remember, see each heading for further information. Though, I can safely say these two are very low-key. c:
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Title: Nothing Like A Good Extraction
Pairing: Kanda/Lavi, Lenalee/Allen, Marian/Maria, etc
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: DGM belongs to Hoshino Katsura et al
A/N: Semi-epic High School AU; the one where Lavi may be the culprit and Kanda must solve the case! Ahem.

it all started with a hickey.
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I haven't posted here in a while, but I wanted to share my most recent Krory pic.

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that me and Kirakitsune created this community for the Krory x Miranda fans <3 It will be full of fanfictions, fanarts, AMV and whatever... Do you love them? Then join us <3 <3 You won't regret it.

Tenshi <3

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Hello everyone!

Its been ages since I posted anything here, but here I am!

I bring a little fic for you all!

What day is it?
Krory (KxM hinted)

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Hello~ [livejournal.com profile] elict from [livejournal.com profile] ace_of_sweden here! I just wanted to tell y'all that even though we fail Big Time and still can't provide any pictures from Uppcon:09; Sweden's biggest convention, we can at least give you a couple of very good example on the random idiocy that our group provides even off stage XD

Dearest fellow D.Gray-man fans, Sweden Ace Cosplay gives you the answer to why Lavi is the King of the Crotch Shots: he really isn't. Also, Cross cannot eat on his own.

You can also watch both of these movies in High Quality (to be able to read the subs easier ^^;) on YouTube
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Hello [livejournal.com profile] dgrayman!

'Tis Elict here, from that cosplay group that just doesn't know when to stop XD

This weekend, the lot of us + our latest requited members went to Uppcon; Sweden's biggest convention for Japanese modern culture. We cosplayed from Soul Eater during Friday, but on Saturday, we put on our new D.Gray-man 2nd uniform costumes. I haven't gotten in touch with most of our photographers yet, but I have made a small con-report on my DeviantART, over here, in case you should be interested ♥

I hope you'll enjoy ^^
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Hey there guys! Have you forgotten about us yet? I hope not, because we aren't finished with sharing our cosplay shots with the lot of you yet. I'm afraid one day you'll probably have to find a way to come over to Sweden and rip the cosplay off of us to get us to stop X'D

This week we finally received our pictures from the photoshoot during this summer's Närcon 2008 from our other photographer, and we were absolutely delighted to find that the quality of these pictures are so much better than the ones we've uploaded preciously. Much love for Kiwi! ♥

The second take on the photoshoot from Närcon can be found here.

And today there's also a bonus photoshoot that we did as a gift for our watchers at DevantART; D.Gray-man Alternative Universe style!

Please enjoy! ♥
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Hey everybody, heres the first set of Book marks I've done. I'll be doing more later!

Hope you all enjoy!
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Date Originally Posted: October 14, 2008
Title: We Thought It Was Shampoo
Series: D.Gray-Man
Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)
Characters: Miranda Lotto, Arystar Krory
Pairing: Miranda/Krory…I guess.
Spoilers: I guess up to chapter 165
Word Count: 1,091
Also posted: At FF.Net

A/N: Um. Not to be taken seriously I guess. I was just amused at the Science Division making such strange potion things. And yes! I love D.Gray-Man. I just got into it. I adore Miranda and Krory.
My first DGM fic.

SUMMARY: It was given to Lenalee. She gave it to Miranda. Now poor Krory is left anemic because of it all.

HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] drabblific


Random Question: What do you suppose would happen if Krory was to bit his lip or tongue. Cause he's got those really strong teeth. Just a strange thought I had today.
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Hello there, everyone!

Remember those cosplay pictures from that Swedish convention that I promised to post a while back? Well, one of photographers are running late, so we finally decided to post what we already have, and hope that people will be satisfied anyway ^^; Therefore, Sweden Ace Cosplay would now like to present you the very, very cracky and not with a very, very good quality pictures from Närcon 2008 in Örebro, Sweden.

Over here @ [profile] ace_of_sweden

Hope you enjoy!
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So... If you don't know that I love Kuro-chan... Here is another evidence... More Arystar icons! Hahahaha. I hope you like it *w*

I'll put some Tyki Mikk icons soon *o*


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Hi hi! This is my first post here and here are some icons that I've made ^_^ The star, Arystar Krory, my favourite exorcist. I hope you like it *w* I've also post this icons on my journal


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WOW at long last, I finally finished this story! Good grief. It took way too long to write, for reasons I ain't gonna go into. Suffice to say, though, that I think it's as good as it's going to get.

For those who are kinda new to the fandom, I'm Joanne Blessing, aka sirbartonslady, aka SBL, and I write long-winded fanfics of Allen and Lavi. This particular story is the seventh in a series that started out way back when with a story called "Lost Reason". If you're just coming into this series, I do recommend that you read the previous stories just to get the references, but of course it's not necessary. Both links provided below point to places that have links within them to get you to more stories, if you're interested.

And now, without further ado or self-pimpage. *ahem* ...

Title: "Life Becoming"
Series: D.Gray-man
Type: Sequel to "My Little Lovely"
Genre: Drama/Romance/Action
Pairings: Krory/Miranda, Lavi/Allen
Rating: Teen (some coarse language, shounen-ai romance, crude jokes, and some rather crazy descriptions of childbirth).
Setting: Ten years after the start of the canon story
Summary: While Krory and Miranda prepare for the birth of their child, Allen worries about Lavi, who has been showing signs of systemic distress after a debilitating injury months before. In the midst of everything, some of the Noah have decided to pay the Order a long-overdue visit...
Warnings: Some language, potential spoilers, some crude and bad jokes, and some extensive blood in play.
Status: complete

As always, two flavors, with the only difference being formatting. The LJ version was forcibly split into two posts because of LJ's phailtastic limit on post size. However, the pieces are linked so you can navigate them.

Fanfiction.net flavor
Livejournal flavor
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    Yay! I finally found a good place to post all of my fanart! I don't really want to lj cut anything so they're all linked to my album. ENJOY! *Squeals with joy!* They're all drawn by hand but some are colored with oiled colored pencils and others are colored on the computer.
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Here sharing the links to the nine prompts for the DGM kinkmeme I've written so far. Mind the warnings, people!

Title: Sleeps in the Gutter.
Characters/couples: Tyki/Original Character.
Summary: You've never had a costumer like this. The first thing you think is that you wouldn't have to work for a fucking week, if the gentleman picked you.
Rating: NC17.

Sleeps in the Gutter.


Title: Little Give Aways.
Characters/couples: Sheryl/Tyki.
Summary: The body moving behind him is warm and immediately too close.
Rating: NC17.

Little Give Aways


Title: Taste of It.
Warnings: Kink: Dark Boots.
Characters/couples: Rabi/Linali.
Summary: Rabi rubs his face against the leather of her boot and Linali swallows, realizes she can feel it almost completely as if Rabi was doing that against her skin.
Rating: NC17.

Taste of It.

The rest are under the cut. )


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