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[Fanfiction] Beneath the Fading Light

Title: Beneath the Fading Light
Rating: PG/T
Genre: Angst/Friendship
Characters: Allen and Kanda (mainly). Mana and Johnny are also there xD
Setting: takes place in the manga's current standpoint (chapter 212), when Allen has collapsed and was brought to an inn by Kanda and Johnny.
Allen knew it was a losing battle the moment Mana entered his dream. But Kanda was determined to pull him out of his sleep and get things back to normal, no matter how hard it seemed.

2.28.2012 - Heavily revised because Allen appeared in my dream and demanded me to change some scenes.

( FFnet )
( Livejournal )

"You're a fucking cheater, beansprout."
~Kanda Yu

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