([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] dgray_man2011-04-29 11:47 pm

This world is not a beautiful place.

After reading chapter 205 and got all "wait, what, WTF, LINK, just get married you two even your Inspector approved, oh... Road, oh... Allen, oh... Lenalee...," I got this.
Wild fangirling is wild!

Since Allen was worried about Link, I started to wonder what if Allen got to know what had happened to Link and this came out.
The last panel is kind of a mystery because I didn't know what I was thinking. =_=
Now have to wait another month for the new chapter. orz

Random thought:
A while ago I did a few sketches of them as puppet and clown and started to think.
These two are being symbolized as characters who conceal and pretend their feelings, but they still get to meet and know each other.
Maybe there is something in there, maybe.

Random thought is random. XD|||

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