Nov. 23rd, 2011 09:48 pm
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hey fellas! thought i'd share some art.

x-posted everywhere, sorry for the spam ;;;

the post is rated for nudity and bl - nothing too dramatic, but do click at your own risk.

( click here to be redirected to my journal )

thanks for looking! ♥

Art sample

Nov. 7th, 2011 10:24 am
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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in commission or prints or perhaps the question I'm asking is uhh am I good enough to do commissions >~< I usually draw really obscure characters/pairings so I usually don't get much feedback.. so I never know if people are interested.

I ask for Critiques plz. Yes;/no? What can I do better? Also, if anyone does commission or requested commissions, I'm interested in hearing about the process of it. Thanks :D

Sample arts are Worksafe and CrossAnita ovo; )
Promoting my DA here and my asktyki blog on tumblr here
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Gosh, I haven't been on LJ in forever! But I'm rediscovering my love for manga after a brief and somewhat disappointing detour into American comics, so I figured I'd check things out again. So, yeah, hi again LJ! Awkward wave!! I have fanart to share!

Read more... )
I love how much all of the nakama love each other. I drew this after I reread the whole series and caught up to chapter 206 and my heart was in little sad pieces on the floor and I just wanted everybody to kiss and all the sadness to go away u__u I want fictional characters to solve problems and save the world via cuddles, why can't that happen!!

art dump

Aug. 15th, 2011 12:37 pm
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fan art! i haz it. contains fan art for kuroshitsuji, pandora hearts, naruto, fullmetal alchemist and d.gray-man.

find more at my journal. warning for nsfw and shota.

thanks for looking! :)
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I come bearing a gift! I don't if you can count this as NSFW, there's no body parts on display but it's pretty obvious what they're doing (Lacing a corset :| )


See at:

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Finally get the time to work on this.
Love long weekend! \^o^/

This is sort of a continuation from last post.

This is never ever going to happen in the manga! )
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Or at least That's how I would like to call this xD I'm just starting, but I would really appreciate some usefull comments, like: Whose character would you want to be the next maid? :D Be aware that every D.Gray-Chara will be cross-dressing, so that means female characters will be perfoming as dudes :D Everything for the sake of the lulz :P

Why did I start with Lavi? Blame it on a Clothing Meme I did on Devianart xD i used the same doodle because I trully liked how it cam out *_* Although it's a bit deformed X//Du Besides, I love that bunny *_*

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Jun. 14th, 2011 05:55 pm
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Just a little (kind of) Picture of Kanda after training/missions/sex

Whichever you choose :)

Preview of broodiness: 

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This is a result of wild fangirling after reading chapter 205.
Yes, way too much wild fangirling. XD

And I wonder when will Hoshino sensei actually tell stories about them meeting again.
I bet it will be a long time.
So I got this just to express some of my feelings.

This is never going to happen in the manga. XD )
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After reading chapter 205 and got all "wait, what, WTF, LINK, just get married you two even your Inspector approved, oh... Road, oh... Allen, oh... Lenalee...," I got this.
Wild fangirling is wild!

Spoiler and crappy image and random thought under the cut. )
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Finally got back to the D.Gray-man fandom because of the nice moments between Link and Allen~
Yes, that's the reason. *bricked*

Crappy images under the cut )
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Remember me from the button post? It's been going pretty well so far, and everyone who's helped is awesome, so thanks a lot! I am dropping back by to remind you that that is still going on and all money from my etsy shop this month will still go to charity to help Japan! And now, I've just put quite a few fanart prints up as well, including quite a few members of this community may be interested in! I am rather obsessed with this series after all, so I have quite a collection of art from it. You can click the pictures to see bigger versions. :D

More prints under the cut! )

These are split up into two listings here and here!

I only put a couple up in each listing because this is my first time selling prints on etsy and I wasn't sure how well they'd go, so if they run out or if you would like to order more than is available, send me a message and I will relist or add them as soon as possible! Also, I forgot to check on how much it would cost to send them internationally, so that's not an option at the moment, but I will look into that soon!

So please go check out my Etsy shop! Other prints include Ace Attorney, Axis Powers Hetalia, Katekyou Hitman Reborn, Soul Eater, Death Note, Final Fantasy X, and The World Ends With you, so if any of those interest you, go and see what's there!
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Title: Flashlight
Author: [ profile] a1y_puff
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Pairing: Kanda/Allen
Genre: Fluff/Angst and a bit of attempted humor.
Summary: Most of the time, Allen tried not to think about it—about what Lenalee called 'the butterfly in your stomach', because, wouldn't that indicate—no. No, no, he didn't want to go there. And besides, it was Kanda, the prick who acted like a five-year-old.
Word Count:~7000
Warning: AU. Possible OOC-ness.
Disclaimer: I only own Michael. Oh and is Katsura's status confirmed yet? D:
Beta: [ profile] pinkxpiano, [ profile] harmony283

A/N: OMG I'm so sorry that this is soooo LATE! But hey, this update is pretty lengthy an THERE IS A BONUS for this part; just read until the end and you'll see :)

Special thanks to [ profile] pinkxpiano, [ profile] harmony283 and [ profile] hakasha for all their supports and ideas and for whipping my lazy ass into working on this piece. XD

Previous Parts: i. Ephemeral Summer | ii. Days Passing By | iii. What's Yours is Mine | iv. Strikes of Waves | v. Bitter Cookies



Mar. 13th, 2011 06:38 pm
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(No idea if this is allowed, please tell me to delete this post in case it isn't)
Hello Everyone!

You have all of you heard the news about the earthquake and tsunami that happened
to Japan. We are a group of Artists who want to help the People in Japan.
We want to motivate People to give a donation to help the People.
Still so many people are missing. Survivers are searching for
there families, they don't have water or electricity. And of course the
atomic plant is a huge danger to the people.
Please pray for the people!
This is why we started to do commissions for every donation for Japan.
We draw fanarts of Pandora Hearts, Bleach, Gintama, APH, Dgrayman etc.
Please take a look on this entry at deviantArt
Thank you very much!


Feb. 22nd, 2011 02:31 pm
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I would like to share some fanart I drew, based on my impression of the latest DGM chapter~

-Please click on the preview-picture to view-

Hope you like it~
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 This took hours :) I'm pleased with how it turned out though..

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So I made some buttons because I am a hopeless Crow fangirl for some reason. Don't judge me. ¬_¬

another picture under here )

Selling these and some other stuff I posted before over on etsy for anyone interested. :D

Fanart :)

Jan. 19th, 2011 08:23 pm
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Hello there :D New fan here and I have fanart to share :) just one so far but there is more where it came from.

Lavi's Boredem
Characters: Allen, Kanda and Lavi
Rated: G  :D
Notes: I drew this after watching the first 20 episodes. I can't get enough of it. hehe. I did a sketch first and that is also on my journal :)

Lavi's Boredem

Heres a link to my journal :)

Fan Art

Jan. 13th, 2011 11:52 pm
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Yeah, I'm kind of new here. (: I come bearing fanart.

Rating: G
Characters: Lenalee and Lavi
Notes: Just something I whipped up and coloured in GIMP.

Link to my LJ.
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Click on the picture for a link to my second compilation of CrossxTyki pictures I've drawn. Warning, extremely image heavy but nothing NWS. I hope you enjoy~ <3

< alsodrawnbyme


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