ext_189283 ([identity profile] quatrina.livejournal.com) wrote in [community profile] dgray_man2011-12-29 07:53 pm

D.Gray-man Livestream: Howard Link appreciation version!

I'm not sure if anyone here is interested, but I'm hosting a livestream party thing for Link's birthday tonight, at which I will be drawing Link-related things for his birthday! Anyone who wants to is welcome to drop by my livestream page and chat! :D

It's not quiiiite started up just yet at the moment since I have to eat some dinner, but there's no reason people can't come by and socialize! :D The only rule is to not be a jerk! Also my livestreams tend to last quite a while, (yesterday's lasted over 7 hours somehow!) so even if you don't see this until later, chances are it's still going.