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Sketches, mostly Linkllen

School I hate you because I can't have enough time to draw!

Many random sketches, which mean no quality. |||orz


A bad sketch.


Pissed Kanda with happy Lavi sketch.

It's Link.

One of the two I actually spent time on.
Weird angle was so hard to draw. |||orz

My thought after reading chapter 191.
Anyone with me?

Pink is for Valentine's Day~ <3

Finally something better.

I can't wait for the next chapter.
I hope Link appears in chapter 192, even just in one panel. D:

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ah, so fairytale-like and flow-y. ♥

though i do think link is actually shorter than allen canon-wise.

by god there needs to be more lavi too. i'm beginning to think kanda and allen are the only main charas now *n*

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Link is very slightly taller than Allen, actually.

Awesome art, as always!

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lol still a lovely shortie then~

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Oh, I love how happy they look in the first one. <3

*skips the ones she already commented on*

The poses in the last one are very nice! And I didn't know the one where they're looking for each other applied to Chapter 191, heh. I'm sure Link will find his way back to Walker one way or another...seeing as it's his job. Oh God plot idea