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Till the day we meet again.

This is a result of wild fangirling after reading chapter 205.
Yes, way too much wild fangirling. XD

And I wonder when will Hoshino sensei actually tell stories about them meeting again.
I bet it will be a long time.
So I got this just to express some of my feelings.

I had so many troubles with this, especially the drawings.
After many tries I finally used this style because I wanted to get this out before the next chapter is published.
The dialogues were troublesome too, since my English is bad... |||orz

My think is that Lvellie is trying to save Allen as a human, while Apocryphos is going to save Allen as Innocent.
Since Allen is parasite type, the way Apocryphos saves Innocent can cause unknown effects to Allen.
To save Allen, a close one is best to help Allen to retain thinking as human to defend Apocryphos's attack.
And we know how Link was so close with Allen for the past few months, he is definitely the closest one to Allen so he is chosen. XD
End of fangirling.

The scar on Link's forehead is my personal interest~ <3 *bricked*
Now I wonder if I still have the strength to finish the part with Allen. =_="

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This is absolutely gorgeous. No better medicine to soothe my broken heart after the last chapter ;_;

Your drawing style is very unique! The last panel of Link is so ... genuine, it really tugs at my heartstrings.

I am dying begging looking forward to seeing more~! OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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You say you had troubles? o.o I see no troubles at all with the way you came up with this. It is epic and awesome and, like chibi-maiko said, gorgeous. I can't wait to see more of this!!

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...oh. Now my heart hurts.

This is beautiful! You should definitely continue it. In fact it makes me want to go write post-205 fic really really badly, haha. I'm dying to know what Hoshino is going to do with Link, I hope it's as epic as this. XD

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Well I have 7 pages of notes for potential fic now (and a month long wait for the new chapter bawww) so I probably will. You inspired me! XD

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eeeeeeeeee so pretty!

Link looks great, and I like that shot of Allen...and you drew Zhu very well, too. Link's expression on the bottom of the first page is my favorite. ♥ The last page is so pretty and angsty, too.

So there's going to be a second half with Allen? :D Good luck! (And btw, your English in the comic is free of errors as far as I can see.) I'm so happy you're drawing this.

Enjoy your ex-Crow forehead scar, Link.

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Woaaaah~ This is so beautiful and gorgeous!!! °o°~~<333
I love how you draw Link with his hair down!! X3
Really fantastic job!!!
*though it pained me to see his scar on the forehead~~ TAT*

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You're welcome dear~ X3
Oh you did well, don't worry~ ^v^

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This is amazing! *-* It really seems like something that'll probably happen in the story. And you draw so well, what are you talking about!

I really hope you'll be able to finish Allen's part. ;-;

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I really liked this a lot