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Looking for fanfictions

Hello, I'm looking for some fanfictions that I fail to remember the titles/authors. I saved the pages long time ago, but my pc died and now I'm trying to collect them all again. But there are a few fanfictions that I'm dying to reread because of its utter awesomeness but don't remember the titles:

1. In which allen is in a red district, and if I'm not wrong, it has something to do with apocalypse, because everything is back to the ancient culture (like, the world ends then everything is back like the old time, but it still about the future). And in this fic Kanda is one of Allen's guests and I remember that their relationship in this fic is chaste and so heartbreakingly sweet. This fic also made me teary eyed and had me enthralled for the whole weeks. And one thing I clearly remember is that the author used colors to describe kanda & allen's feelings. Like red, black, yellow, etc. I think the title has something to do with colors too.

2. In which kanda has a hobby to plant flowers. then allen witnesses it, and they began to talk to each other. it is a serene fic, and a one-shot. If i'm not wrong in the end kanda and allen don't talk much anymore, until the next (spring?) season comes.

3. This fic is about lavi and tymothy. Lavi has become a bookman, and tymothy is searching for him. And then he comes across allen and kanda, who then gives him hints that Lavi is... somwhere i don't remember. But then tymothy finds lavi has changed entirely, he's a bookman now. it's a sweet fic with rare pairing. i'm dying to reread it again.

4. in which Allen is chased by the black order because he somehow has been acussed for killing (or injuring?) Link. Allen escapes from the prison, and finds himself in Mattel, where he then meets kanda. then Kanda uses his blood to heal Allen's severe injuries and tells allen to ditch the black order (with him). it's an on going fic, kind of the continuation of the manga. i want to check if the next chapter has come out, but fails to find it again. i should have put it in alert.

5. A fic in which lavi pretends to be a priest in a church and listens kanda and Allen's confession. It's a crack fic, and in the end both lavi and kanda confess to him that they like one another. i don't remember much anymore for it's a very old fic :'(

6. A fic in which Allen is pregnant because of an innocence. Kanda is the father and the baby is a girl. And because they're exorcists, they have to give the baby to other couple. And i still remember that once the baby has grown up, she meets allen and kanda again, and it was so sweet. i thin the author is the same as the crack fic above.

7. A fic in which Kanda and Allen are out in a mission in a snow mountain. then they have to spend the night (with a finder) in an igloo. then they warm each other because the storm makes them freeze.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for my bad english :)

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FIC - It all sounds so interesting. I definitely remember number 7. :D It's either fallia's or sutler's (my mind always puts them together orz). *searches* Fallia's~

Erm, I read a crack fic for when Komui makes everyone go for confession and he pretends to be the priest, and Allen and Kanda kinda sorta confess about their feelings to each other (and he nudge-nudge, encourages them, if only to get them flipping away from Lenalee xD). And Marie eavesdrops on all heh heh. But erm, I don't recall one with Lavi as the priest.. ^_^; ...and ah shoot, I can't find the one I just mentioned too xD. I lost a whole lot of bookmarks too when once upon a time, my old old pc committed sepppuku on us.

Hope the others have more answers for you~ Sorry I can only answer one. u_u

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lol posting this for the third time. LJ is really acting up.

You're welcomed! Hehe, I found the fanfic with Komui as the priest, it's not as good as I remember xD but here you go~

And yours:

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Dammit, I know I've read n.3, n.4 & n.6 at least twice last year. I'm sure they're somewhere on ffnt.

I found the first bit of fic n.4 you asked about. Its author is a1y-puff and I've read her dgm fics often. You were talking about the Burnt Rose Cross fics. There's two of them despite both talking of the same story. I haven.t found the second bit ye--AHA! got it hehehe

Here -

and the second link:

Have a good reading, m'dear! ^^

*off to search Lavi-Timothy fanfic*

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No. 4 is definitely The Burnt Rose Cross by Nherizu. its original author is Nherizu, not a1y-puff. Bites of Vision by a1y-puff is a fanfic from the original (it's stated on the A/N.)

So the proper order to read it will be:
- The Burnt Rose Cross ( ) by Nherizu
- The Burnt Rose Cross: Reflection by Nherizu ( ) --> this is the official extra of this series.
- The Burnt Rose Cross: Bites of Vision by a1y-puff ( ) --> the 2nd extra which is a fanfic from a fanfic, but acknowledged by Nherizu as an extra)

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you're welcome ^^

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Found the Lavi x Timothy fic!

It Starts:

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I've read numbers 1 and 4 before; I think #1 is also by Nherizu-- ? I've also come across a few fics like #6, but I tend to run screaming in the other direction when it come to mpreg (both because of my personal distaste for the tropes involved and because the OC kids tend to be overly Suish and monopolise the story, and if I wanted to read about original characters I'd be on Fictionpress not ff.n) so I never read any of them all the way through; off the top of my head, the only thing I can think of is an older, longer fic by DnKS-girlS or however she capitalises her name: