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I'm planning on scanlating the Noah-centric Familia 13 (well, to be more accurate, putting together the hard work [livejournal.com profile] symbolism_egg did on the translation with [livejournal.com profile] chidorita's scans), and I'd like to know if Chidorita's still around, and if you'd mind me using your scans? If no reply is posted, I'll go ahead with the project, but I'd also fully understand if the original scanner didn't want me to.

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Hi guys, I don't know if this is the proper place to post this. I was wondering if any of you had any image of Crown Clown in Allen's third uniform? D: I'm planning a cosplay, but I don't know if I should do the second uniform or the third. I find manga panels but it's not really visible.
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Hello, I'm looking for some fanfictions that I fail to remember the titles/authors. I saved the pages long time ago, but my pc died and now I'm trying to collect them all again. But there are a few fanfictions that I'm dying to reread because of its utter awesomeness but don't remember the titles:

1. In which allen is in a red district, and if I'm not wrong, it has something to do with apocalypse, because everything is back to the ancient culture (like, the world ends then everything is back like the old time, but it still about the future). And in this fic Kanda is one of Allen's guests and I remember that their relationship in this fic is chaste and so heartbreakingly sweet. This fic also made me teary eyed and had me enthralled for the whole weeks. And one thing I clearly remember is that the author used colors to describe kanda & allen's feelings. Like red, black, yellow, etc. I think the title has something to do with colors too.

2. In which kanda has a hobby to plant flowers. then allen witnesses it, and they began to talk to each other. it is a serene fic, and a one-shot. If i'm not wrong in the end kanda and allen don't talk much anymore, until the next (spring?) season comes.

3. This fic is about lavi and tymothy. Lavi has become a bookman, and tymothy is searching for him. And then he comes across allen and kanda, who then gives him hints that Lavi is... somwhere i don't remember. But then tymothy finds lavi has changed entirely, he's a bookman now. it's a sweet fic with rare pairing. i'm dying to reread it again.

4. in which Allen is chased by the black order because he somehow has been acussed for killing (or injuring?) Link. Allen escapes from the prison, and finds himself in Mattel, where he then meets kanda. then Kanda uses his blood to heal Allen's severe injuries and tells allen to ditch the black order (with him). it's an on going fic, kind of the continuation of the manga. i want to check if the next chapter has come out, but fails to find it again. i should have put it in alert.

5. A fic in which lavi pretends to be a priest in a church and listens kanda and Allen's confession. It's a crack fic, and in the end both lavi and kanda confess to him that they like one another. i don't remember much anymore for it's a very old fic :'(

6. A fic in which Allen is pregnant because of an innocence. Kanda is the father and the baby is a girl. And because they're exorcists, they have to give the baby to other couple. And i still remember that once the baby has grown up, she meets allen and kanda again, and it was so sweet. i thin the author is the same as the crack fic above.

7. A fic in which Kanda and Allen are out in a mission in a snow mountain. then they have to spend the night (with a finder) in an igloo. then they warm each other because the storm makes them freeze.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for my bad english :)
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i'm working the evolution of Lavi's Innocence into my fanfic and i'd like to get a literal translation of "Ōzuchi Kozuchi" for the new name a/o attack purposes.

the D.Gray-man wikia has it as "Ōzuchi Kozuchi" (大槌小槌, Big Hammer, Little Hammer, lit. translation Ootsuti gavel). i put the romanji and kanji through as many translation sites as i could: Kozuchi kept coming up as hammer or gavel, but Ōzuchi/Ootsuti/Otsuchi kept coming as a surname with no definition. though Ōzuchi did get me 'beetle' on one site. so i tried Google and got nothing but articles on the Earthquake. thinking it might be mythological i tried Ōtsuchi in wikipedia and that said it's a large wooden hammer with a shaft of about 6 feet; was mainly used for forcible entry through castle gates and doors.

is the name of Lavi's Innocence really just 'Hammer Hammer'?

p.s. oh, and the romanji for the Water and Earth seals would be much appreciated. ^^
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 really simple, just wondering if anyone can tell me what country/mysticism they (supposedly)come from. specifically the ones Cross does.

fanfic research. *^^*
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Ok, I have a question. My friend came across these cosplay pictures on FB, and she asked me to help find the cosplayer's identity. I mean, if the cosplayer is really one person (or are they different persons), and if the cosplayer has a deviantArt account (obviously because she wants to stalk them, being already in love with the pictures).

Here are the pictures, (click for bigger images)


Judging from how well-done these pictures are, I believe they must be quite well-known in the cosplay world? xD

Anyway, thanks in advance :D

fic recs?

Mar. 18th, 2011 09:41 pm
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hi guys! i'm totally new to this fandom and i'm looking for some great fic. my fave pairing is Lavi/Kanda, but right now i'm looking for any Komui/Lenalee fic. is there any out there?

thanks :)
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hi guys! i just want to ask if you know this cosplayers?


click for larger view.

thanks in advance!!!
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So, I'm working on No Backing Out, finally, and have a question -

Does Allen ever see the Noah's souls? In particular, Tyki's? If so, what chapter is that in, or if you don't remember, what did he see/think, what was it like? 

Thanks guys!


NSFW Jan. 25th, 2011 09:59 pm
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( You're about to view content that the poster has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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So, how much would someone spend per DGM card? What's fair to ask for DGM cards?

Reason I'm asking is that I have tons of doubles (and triples) and well, in general I need to downsize my collection (sadly...) With doujin, I have a fairly good guess as to price range (and will be posting up some for sale as well... :( ) and probably a v3 coat I never finished at a major discount... stupid downsizing... but yeah. What's appropriate to ask?

((Basically in a need-money-situation)).
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Hiya, everyone.

Brand new fan here. I got done watching the anime yesterday and going from there I'm about to write fic.

And hit a snag I'm not willing to ignore, so I'll have to ask. (I did check previous discussions and questions, but couldn't find it mentioned yet.)

So, I'd like to ask if it is ever mentioned or it is known where the Black Order headquarters is. I've seen someone say it's in France, but they didn't seem sure, so I was wondering if I could get confirmation for that. And also for Central Administration being in the Vatican?

Help with this would be much appreciated.

Thank you. ^_^
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My first post to this community is a question and not anything to contribute OTL. Sorry if I'm breaking any rules and the fact that the question is more suited to the yaoi community, but since this place is more frequented...

Anyways, why is the pairing Allen/Kanda, or any other "rival" pairings on that matter, so popular? I've never understood it, because in my eyes they obviously dislike each other. I posted this question in the DGM group on TinierMe before, but... I didn't get very intelligent answers ^^;

So, does anyone want to try and enlighten the extremely dense Jady?
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Well, hello everyone~  I must admit that there's something that has been bugging me for a while now, and I thought about posting it here to speculate/share theories/create a possible discussion about it.

I'd like to know if I'm the only one who thinks that, maybe, Lavi is a bit too young to be the immediate successor of the Bookman.

Elaboration would be right under a cut, of course )

And, also. Are there any theories as to why Cross wears a mask over his right eye? I looked for past entries in this community, but I couldn't find a post regarding this matter :(

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this! ♥
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Um, hello. It's my first time posting here, so moderators, if I have to lock this, please tell me and I'll do it ASAP. Thanks.

I'm looking for fanfiction on Kanda and his lotus - one in particular I want but can't remember (where Marie hears his heart skip a beat) but any fic is fine *grin* I just wanna read.

Thank you!
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So, when I went to Japan, I went to Animate and saw a green tea with Kanda wearing something yukata-ish on the package. However, I didn't bring my camera or cellphone at that time xD
Just recently I was searching for that pic on the net and here but couldn't find it... (or maybe I didn't look well enough ^^;). So does anyone have that pic??

Thank you in advance...
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 Noticed this? 

Fake cut is as fake as Shatner's hair )
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 As I sit here typing this entry, I require your assistance with my girlfriend's second gen Allen Walker cosplay I'm sewing for her. I've looked at many reference pics and have the perfect one and a few more from volume 13 and 14. BUT, I've encountered a dilemma.

Ever since I saw Allen's amazing Second gen outfit, I was sure that it was two pieced: a jacket and some kinda skirt thing. That was cool, then my girlfriend asked me to help her with her Crowned Clown cosplay by making the second gen outfit for her if she supplied the fabric. Of course I agreed since she doesn't have a sewing machine and such. So, I found a good reference pic on a package of D. Gray-Man stickers I had bought for her upcoming birthday. I took a look and the outfit appeared to be a one-pieced cloak with a strap across the waist. I thought "alright, that'll  make things easier for me." but then I found another reference pic from the manga (a very good full body picture of it) and now, honestly... I CAN'T TELL WHAT IT IS.

So please, oh wise god of information known as Live Journal, give me your opinion. Which would be more canon to make? A one or two-piece outfit for her?


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