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FanFics, WTS/T/B

Title: D.Gray-Man Cinderella
Rating: G
Pairing: Allen x Lenalee
Link: Read It Here!

Title: Anime Takes a Vacation
Rating: G
Pairing: Allen x Lenalee
Info: A cross-over with other animes, DGM appears in Part I.
Link: Read It Here!

Hope everyone enjoys them. ^^
I'm working on a DGM one now as well as another crossover with DGM as the main series.

Also, I've started collecting the Trading Cards and am looking for a few specific ones.
Highest Priority are Halloween Chibi Lenalee & Chibi Lenalee with her finger on her cheek.

I've included pics below the cut.
I do have some cards to use as trades or if the price is reasonable, I'll pay. (I might be getting another lot next month, so I'll have more extras then.

Three Stars = Highest Priority
One Star = Higher Priority than no Stars
Click image for larger size.


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Your 0018fssg pic. The first 2 (from the left) in the top row are bromides (postcard size), not trading cards. I have the first one as an extra. Quite a few of the other ones are specials (rares, prisms, etc) from various sets.

I have some of the cards (no didn't check each one against what I have, would take more than an hour), not the *** chibi Lenalee ones though. I have the SD Lavi reading a book one

I'm not looking to trade though.