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Hi all!
I'm selling loads of DGM trading cards and other merchandise.
Will also be posting up merchandise from other animes as well!




so...please check back! :)
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Hello all! I'm selling/trading some of the D.Gray-man Trading Cards (manga version ones, not the anime) at my livejournal!

Please follow the fake cut if you're interested. Details, prices, and everything else are on the selling/trading post. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or message me! ^_^

Click me!

(cross-posted in various places, sorry if you've seen this before. >_<)
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Title: D.Gray-Man Cinderella
Rating: G
Pairing: Allen x Lenalee
Link: Read It Here!

Title: Anime Takes a Vacation
Rating: G
Pairing: Allen x Lenalee
Info: A cross-over with other animes, DGM appears in Part I.
Link: Read It Here!

Hope everyone enjoys them. ^^
I'm working on a DGM one now as well as another crossover with DGM as the main series.

Also, I've started collecting the Trading Cards and am looking for a few specific ones.
Highest Priority are Halloween Chibi Lenalee & Chibi Lenalee with her finger on her cheek.

I've included pics below the cut.
I do have some cards to use as trades or if the price is reasonable, I'll pay. (I might be getting another lot next month, so I'll have more extras then.

Wishlist & Sales/Trades! )
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I've reduced the prices on the remaining card sets I have to sell. ^_^ Please check it out, everyone! (Prices now between $10-$25 for all sets)

Follow me
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Hello! I have more DGM cards for sale. I'm selling sets over at my LJ, so please follow the fake-cut! ^_^

Follow me!
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I'm selling/trading some D.Gray-man trading cards. If interested, please follow the fake cut to my journal for images and information on prices, trading, and shipping!


Click me!

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So, how much would someone spend per DGM card? What's fair to ask for DGM cards?

Reason I'm asking is that I have tons of doubles (and triples) and well, in general I need to downsize my collection (sadly...) With doujin, I have a fairly good guess as to price range (and will be posting up some for sale as well... :( ) and probably a v3 coat I never finished at a major discount... stupid downsizing... but yeah. What's appropriate to ask?

((Basically in a need-money-situation)).
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I wonder if somone has post this already?

Found this ad about the D.Grayman trading card game in the latest (October issue) V-Jump that went on sale last Friday. Looks like the title is called "Evil Dance with Holy Wind"...don't really understand where that came from. Anyway there are some card images on that page.

Looks like Lenalee, Krory, Cross and the other generals have completely became background accessories )
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So, I have new D.Gray-Man cards, and I'm selling some...

I hope you will like them =D

the link is here : frozen-nobody.livejournal.com/2674.html
(Sorry, I'm really lost with the link. If someone can help me, tell x_x)

Go, and good prices =D

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Hello people !

I'm new, but I'm selling some D.Gray-Man cards, who come frome : "D.Gray-Man : No one knows, tears for fears". the cards are pretty good =)

For more informations, go there :


Cards like :
Lenalee,  And so more..


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Has anyone here ever seen a larger version of this Shining Card? I'm dying, I had no idea there was any alternate-art of Bak!


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