unsymbolic: (O hay thar)
unsymbolic ([personal profile] unsymbolic) wrote in [community profile] dgray_man2013-02-02 12:48 pm

D. Gray-man Friending Meme

I know this comm has been rather quiet, but I miss seeing life in the DGM fandom. I was thinking that it'd be good to get to know some more folks who are active in this fandom these days, maybe spur some fresh discussions, share theories, inspire new fanworks, or just make some new friends.

So to that end, a friending meme!

Just fill out the handy textbox:

Chat with people here, add them on other sites, spread the word and tell others that this meme is up!

And, of course, please play nice--if you strike up a conversation with someone and it turns out you don't click, there's no obligation to be buddies long term. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, so don't be bashful!

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