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I know this comm has been rather quiet, but I miss seeing life in the DGM fandom. I was thinking that it'd be good to get to know some more folks who are active in this fandom these days, maybe spur some fresh discussions, share theories, inspire new fanworks, or just make some new friends.

So to that end, a friending meme!

Just fill out the handy textbox:

Chat with people here, add them on other sites, spread the word and tell others that this meme is up!

And, of course, please play nice--if you strike up a conversation with someone and it turns out you don't click, there's no obligation to be buddies long term. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, so don't be bashful!
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So I finally found the time to read the latest chapters and something about Link is nagging at the back of my mind.

Cut in order to avoid spoilers )
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I just realized something, while thinking about the last novel. It may not be much, but I'd still like to share to know your opinions. It's not really a theory, just some thoughts about certain things that keep bugging me.
Cut for length (but I swear it's not that long). )
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Um, so is anyone else confused about this chapter?

Hoshino just kill off a freakin' awesome person! )
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I can't seem to sit still after reading the recent chapter - episode 198th. This question has been nagging me for a few weeks, so I decide to ask:

Onto the Question! )

Many thanks X3
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I try to imagine and figure it out with A*.....'s face...
The girl that Yuu is finding...  ) chapter 198
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There was this post a little while back, where the art was touched on a bit, but I don't think there's been a proper discussion about the changes we've seen in the last two or three chapters.

It's personally been bugging the hell out of me, so. SO, I went back to pinpoint just where the style began to change. Out of curiosity. But then I thought it would be fun to go back to the beginning and kind of catalogue all of the changes.

And... I got carried away. Now I have a B&W picspam of random Allen images from chapter 1 to 197, plus two mini picspams of Tyki and Kanda (because they've been showing up most recently).

I would have done one for Lavi, Lenalee, and everyone else, but they've been scarce as of late and this post is about the recent changes.

image heavy! )

So... I'll just leave this here. Discuss if you'd like? Or ignore me and look at all of the pretty Allen?

ETA: Forgot to add that I don't mean any rudeness by any of this. I know a lot of us don't like the new style, and that's just our opinion, but there are others who rather like it, or know that it will change as the previous styles have ("so really, what's the big deal?"). This post was meant more for speculation, rather than dissing the new style Hoshino's got going :)
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Because I enjoy discussion and loving mockery, I bring a poll. Inspired by the previous discussion post as well as my own thoughts.

Spoilers for DGM 197.

Polls )
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I guess this is more of a question than something actually worth discussing about, but I just wanted to get the thought out of my head and see what the rest of you guys think xD
I found that some of the info doesn't really match up. )
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Uh, hi!  I just read DGM chapter 196 (up at mangastream) and wrote down my thoughts and such.  I thought I'd share them with you guys.  Which is probably a bad idea, you know, because lots of spoilers and stuff (luckily they're all behind the cut).  :D  So it's highly recommended that you don't read this until you finished reading the chapter itself.

Don't expect anything really serious here, sorry; I tend to save serious stuff for the discussion.  I hope this is okay with everyone (and the . . . entire post in general).

Warning:  Bad attempts at humor (some inappropriate), lots of capslock, tons and tons of spoilers, random comments, and mocking of characters.

A newbie and posting spoilers.  What does this say about me.

spoilers spoilers spoilers )

. . . and that is how I spent my morning.  :D

This was not meant to offend anyone.  This was just my half-assed attempt at humorously mocking the manga D.Gray-man and brightening up people's day.  So I am sorry if you're offended in any way.  ):

Your thoughts?  Opinions?  Predictions for next chapter?

Chapter 195

Jun. 2nd, 2010 07:25 am
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So chapter 195 is out here http://mangastream.com/read/d_gray_man/22426982/1

Blaberings under cut )
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Guys, I've been wondering. About new chapter's cover. Yes, the one with gay Allen standing over what could be interpreted as Alma Karma suffering from some severe mayonnaise intoxication. Or something. It feels like it's too specific, too precise not to have a deeper meaning.
And I'm dead serious.

No, really. Overly long and spoiler-ish post THIS WAY! )
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Okay everyone, I've been dying to discuss this and see what others think. Any fun theories? Just want to squee over finally getting some backstory? I want to hear it!

Obviously, comments will contain spoilers.
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I was reading the latest chapter when I noticed a sort of pun that overjoyed my inner language geek. The currently available scanlation doesn’t convey it, so I thought I’d share it here for potential discussion.

This has to do with the meaning of Kanda’s name.

More on the Divine Rice Paddy )
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All right! So, in the light of recent events, I think we need to discuss some theories regarding Allen, Mana, certain fourteenth and, naturally, our beloved Earl. I've got pictures~

Spoilers ahead. BEWARE. )


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