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I brought Link and Allen~

Finally got back to the D.Gray-man fandom because of the nice moments between Link and Allen~
Yes, that's the reason. *bricked*

Drawing them again after a long time. Crappiness happened for sure.

My fangirling result after reading chapter 202~

Reviewed this fic and I had to draw this. :)

Brush practice with a random result of Link.

Till next time, maybe. XD|||

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Hey it's a good reason :)

These are lovely.

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True story: Link/Allen is probably the only reason I like Allen so much in the first place, which implies I was ambivalent towards the main character through uhhh, most of the series. :D; And I need to draw more of it myself, but every time I try Allen looks weird so I am sad. XD

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Those are lovely sketches! I like the first one especially, although it's nice to see Link in color too.

And omg an illustration! *JOY* Do you mind if I link to it from the fic? It's lovely too--thank you. &hearts

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(Sorry for the late reply.)

I know that feeling too well...

Oh, cool! I put the drawing there. Thanks again. *___*

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There's never too much of Allen/Link art, seriously :)
keep up with the good work, you're doing them justice.
I love love love the last picture, so sad, yet so proud, that's so Link.