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96 Allen
6 Lenalee
1 Timcanpy



Is my bias showing?
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 Title: Crawling in the Dark
Chapter: 2/?
Rating: T maybe M later
Warnings: Post 205
Summary: Allen's left the Order, but not without a plan. Tyki's words have given him a purpose so he's gone to an old friend, Cross's main informant, for answers. Secrets are revealed and plans made after she lets the Order in on a few things.

( He sat up, looking her straight in the eye, "Wouldn't it make sense to have a different kind, something they can't break?"

"Want an ace up your sleeve, huh?" she chuckled as he grinned at her wording.
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Finally got back to the D.Gray-man fandom because of the nice moments between Link and Allen~
Yes, that's the reason. *bricked*

Crappy images under the cut )
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Title: Shine On (lolyeah. I know.)
Characters: Allen, Kanda, Lenalee
Rating: Very Gen
Warning: Shiny!Kanda? >__>;;
Disclaimer: Hoshino owns the characters, and [livejournal.com profile] metisket owns the concept.
Note: Based on the fic Unintended Consequences by [livejournal.com profile] metisket. Read the fic btw, it's AWESOME! 8D

( Click here for the piccie! )
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It's my first post here, hope to do it the right way c: and I hope you like my colorization ;D

Manga Colourization

Manga} D.Gray-Man
Character(s)}Lenalee Lee & Timcanpy

(click here for Lenalee in a short dress c: )
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So I'd like to say happy new year to everyone in the fandom. Here's a little something from me, though it's entirely unrelated to the holiday.

Of course, it's also because I just got my very own laptop and tablet for Christmas. Hope I did good with the art.
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I already posted a icon batch for Allen's Birthday, but still...I post this fanart celebrating his B-day and X-mas of course!

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I have a few D.Gray-man things that I'm selling; includes the 2009 calendar and a little gashapon of Timcanpy and 65. They also make cute cell phone straps. :D Feedback and more info is HERE.
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We (Kanda, Allen, Lenalee cosplayers) went to Nisei Week in Little Tokyo for the Japanese festivities.  It was a lot of fun and we took some pictures. 


(Click on the Image)
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Yay, it is finally up.  I hope you guys like it.

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Hello, tis me again.  I would like to post up my group's cosplay pictures now but unfortunately it was decided that the photoshoot would be this wednesday.  Sigh.  It's a long way from now but I promise pictures on that day. 

Instead on this post, I want to fool around a bit.  I always wanted a Before and After picture.  Hahah.  How pointless of me.  I guess you can call it a preview?
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Is anyone attending Anime Expo this year? My friends and I are going to cosplay as Allen, Kanda, Lavi and Lenalee in the Third Uniform and it would be really nice to meet more people at the convention. We will be going on Friday and Saturday.

I'm going to cosplay as Allen in his Crown Clown cape and sword along with it. And I must say that his sword is quite a pain to do but pretty much worth it for we might even do a Masquerade skit if we are chosen in the entry screening. We should recieve a reply from them soon.

Friday: Allen Casual
Saturday: Allen Third Uniform

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Title: Aria of a Broken Doll
Characters: Allen Walker, Howard Link, Timcanpy & mentions of Lala and Guzol
Genre: angst, hurt
Alternate Link: on FF.net
Summary: Just how much can a simple broken record and a question from Link got Allen to reflect on things?—A lot.

I made this since there aren't enough of Lala and Guzol fic out there.
Please read and review :)

The child him would stumble down the road, no longer able to carve his own path. As Lala had been a lifeless mannequin without her heart. )

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Title: Not your Momma
Author white_arc
Rating: G
Characters: Link, Allen, Timcampy
Summary: Link is informed of Allen’s latest epiphany. Kind of crack. Allen’s a brat and Link does his best to keep his cool (which he does better then I expected actually).
Warnings: Spoilers for the most recent chapters (with the exception of chapter 186).

I have been in such a Link hype lately )
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No cloud in the sky! Sun! Sun!
And I wanna draw something warm, kind and solar! And something similar with me X'D
Allen Walker from D.Gray-man!

Embraces of spring

CLICK HERE! to see art^^

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I posted a few weeks ago about wanting to get a Timcampy tattoo. Well, I finally found some good photos to show my artist I showed him these three photos.

He looked at them and drew up something to what I wanted. I wanted it to mostly be like the first one linked, with the wings a little like the last one and the colour to be like the second photo. A bit confusing, but at least I knew what I wanted, right?

I got it done this afternoon and it took around 3 hours, with my artist drawing it up, and with all the interuptions, I ended up with something really awesome. The tail was drawn free hand with a marker, and the wings were pretty much free hand as well, since the stencil got all smudged so he had to grab his sketch book and use that to look off of.

The photos might be kind of large, I don't remember what my camera is set on and I didn't resize them. The yellow cross and the horns should be a bright sunshine yellow, but there is still blood on them since they were done last, so the yellow isn't as bright as it should be. The wings have black shading with brown over the black and the rest is a really nice gold colour.

This is actually my 6th tattoo, and my 2nd anime related one. [5th if you count transformers]

Timcampy tattoo +10 )

My artist was really surprised that I didn't find the part on my shin to hurt much at all. Even when he had to go over it like 4 times because of the colours and shading. He found it really painful when he got that area done. My foot was another story. The tail sucked because the lines were so long, and the little blob for the tail end sucked because he had to go over it so many times, my foot was red and throbbing.

I really want to get a lotus like the one Kanda has on my foot below Timcampy's tail, but since the little tail sucked so much I'm not sure I'd be able to handle a much larger piece there. I might still do it anyway since the end result is always so amazing.
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I've been thinking about getting a tattoo of timcampy on my leg. The only problem I have is I can't find pictures that are bigger than icon size and clear so I can show my artist clearly what I want so he can draw it up.

Does anyone have any pictures of Timcampy or know where I can find some?

And does anyone know of anyone with a D. Gray-Man tattoo? I'd love to see it, if so. :)
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I got a great response for the Timcanpy plush I posted pics of the other day, and I got a couple of people asking for any details I could give about how I made it. So i got together my patterns and photos and put a quick guide together. It's not a full tutorial, since I'd have to make another from scratch for that, but I hope it helps a little :3

( If it doesn't make sense, please let me know. I'm not good with these kinda things ^^; )
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I finally finished my first custom plushie last night, so I  thought I'd share piccies ^^ Sorry in advance about the bad quality photos and the obvious mistakes with the actual plush, but I tried my best ^^;

( Fake cut to the pics :3 )
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Holidays set!
My first set in 2009 year!
[x2] Loveless
[x1] Kuroshitsuji
[x2] Death Note
[x1] Gundam 00
[x4] Code Geass

[x1] D.Gray-man
[x2] Bleach

[x4] Gundam 00 { Misters! }

Banners (FO)
[x2] D.Gray-man
[x2] Death Note
[x1] Vampire Knight

Manga coloring
[x1] Vampire Knight { Kuran Kaname }

[x21] Bleach
[x9] D.Gray-man
[x10] Other {Gundam 00, Code Geass, Vampire Knight }

+Profile Layouts
[x1] Vampire Knight
[x2] Loveless
[x4] Code Geass

[x1] D.Gray-man {Marian Cross}
[x1] Kuroshitsuji


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