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So I finally found the time to read the latest chapters and something about Link is nagging at the back of my mind.

So the apocripha tried to erase his memory by putting innocence in his brain through his eyes, or so I assumed. The operation failed since he was interrupted and now Link is left with innocence wings sticking out of his eyes, dying, fucking Lvellie fucking kneeneled and whatever.
I have this feeling in my guts that he's gonna survive but.

Will he lose his sight?

Also, is it even remotely possible that having innocence inserted that way into his body may turn him into a compatible? Like, if it doen't kill you it will make you an exorcist? Cause that what I picked up from the second exorcist project.
For some reason I cannot unsee this blind, uber crowexorcist Link with Daredevil-like sight shooting laser beams from his eyes and I DO WANT.

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Or Link's ever present notebook. He's a guy who would happily sentence akumas to exorcism he if he could. i can just see him write down "guilty of destroying a house, dismembering two people and shooting a child. As punishment, you are charged death by Innocence. Good-bye." and BAM! The akuma would eplode with a protesting yell.

But yes, talismans and tags would be Link's best weapon, if his switchblades or eyes weren't innocence first.