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So I finally found the time to read the latest chapters and something about Link is nagging at the back of my mind.

So the apocripha tried to erase his memory by putting innocence in his brain through his eyes, or so I assumed. The operation failed since he was interrupted and now Link is left with innocence wings sticking out of his eyes, dying, fucking Lvellie fucking kneeneled and whatever.
I have this feeling in my guts that he's gonna survive but.

Will he lose his sight?

Also, is it even remotely possible that having innocence inserted that way into his body may turn him into a compatible? Like, if it doen't kill you it will make you an exorcist? Cause that what I picked up from the second exorcist project.
For some reason I cannot unsee this blind, uber crowexorcist Link with Daredevil-like sight shooting laser beams from his eyes and I DO WANT.

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It's okay dear, I ain't mad at you. mistakes happen, it's part of our lives.
Did you get the chance of reading said comments before you deleted them on accident?

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Or Link's ever present notebook. He's a guy who would happily sentence akumas to exorcism he if he could. i can just see him write down "guilty of destroying a house, dismembering two people and shooting a child. As punishment, you are charged death by Innocence. Good-bye." and BAM! The akuma would eplode with a protesting yell.

But yes, talismans and tags would be Link's best weapon, if his switchblades or eyes weren't innocence first.

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Ya know, I wouldn't mind seeing how he deals with blind-ness. It be interesting to see him chase after Allen only to bump into a wall. BUT THE WHOLE LASER BEAM THINGS ALSO WORKS.

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Woah! I have no idea that what the apocrapper bastard do to Link would blind him. When I read the manga, I just thought that the Apocryphos intention was just to erase Link's memory of that moment and the process that he did was in that feather-like form sticking out in his eyes, same with the guards. And in my view, I think the Apocryphos did not inject innocence to him, it's just his method of cleaning messes.

Anyway, so you have read chapter 205. Well if no beware of the spoiler: I am more curious to what Lvellie's planning. He said that he NEEDS Link in order to save Allen and the 14th. What could he mean about TO SAVE? Well, I am really excited for the next chapter, too bad its release is still on June.

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I agree. Lvellie's really hiding secrets. He might have his own plans while looking like just a church-pawn. Good job for Katsura Hoshino, while we're into Allen and the Noahs, she is suddenly developing the character of Lvellie.

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Link will survive for sure... hrm... but I wonder... Apo probably never intended to put innocence into him. It's just... he himself is innocence. So... yeah.
I have the theory that Link will regain his sight, find Allen, support him - but sadly, now Apocryphos will see everything though Link's eyes. (would be interesting, not only to locate Allen but also hear what he says and see how someone else acts towards him... could be used for more intrigues. XD

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He will not lose his sight - these innocence-feathers dissapear eventually doing no harm except for the memory loss. Do you remember the chapter when Croos dissapears? There were guardians who came to their senses in the morning and didn't remember a thing about what happened at night, and we know that Apocryphos came to Cross then. I assume it's one of his abilities: through Innocence he alters brain cells, then all evidence dissapear.

It is not an insertion of the whole Innocence piece, it's just the influence of it on the body, so Link won't turn compatible (and this is great, 'cause whoa, compatible with WHAT? With the Cardinal? Ewwww!).

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(and this is great, 'cause whoa, compatible with WHAT? With the Cardinal? Ewwww!).

...That would be hilarious.

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I don't think he'll go blind. Apo said the eyeball-wings were there to screw with the memory. I'm betting that glazed look in Link's eyes was due to severe blood loss.

I don't think he'll turn into an Exorcist either, since there are only a finite number of Innocence in the world, and the Second Exorcist project proved that trying to force compatibility was a bad idea, and even then they were using subjects who'd already been Exorcists. Besides, if Apocryphos' attack made his victims that much more powerful, it would be stupid for him to attack anyone in the first place. Although I'm biased because I don't want Link to be an Exorcist. He's plenty badass without being one.

So far all I see for Link in the immediate future is a lengthy recovery. I do wonder how he's supposed to help Allen, though...

(Still, if you want blind Exorcist Link, there's always fanfic!)

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/reposts comment, derp

I feel like a lot depends on what Lvellie meant by "I need Link"--is there something uniquely valuable about Link, specifically, or is he just Lvellie's most conveniently-placed pawn at the moment? If it's the former, Hoshino could go in any number of crazy directions that I'm not even going to try hypothesizing about.

For some reason I don't really see him becoming an exorcist, though. But I wouldn't rule out any Third Exorcist-style horrors yet because this is Hoshino.

Whatever happens, I just hope it means more Link awesomeness in the future. He seems to be getting a gradual character upgrade and I want this trend to continue.