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There really is no excuse for this post to exist...

I was supposed to be studying for my French final tomorrow.

Instead, this happened.

Spoilers I guess kind of not really?

Just general plot points.

EDIT: there's now a TUMBLR for this tomfoolery

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XDDDDDD These are great.

I feel the same as Allen about his attack. It looks badass, but... dat name.

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I wonder if there's some sort of thing going on there with how it's translated, or even maybe something cultural? Clowns could be associated with jokers [Allen and his cards~] or tricksters [again, cheating with the cards...] and in the original Japanese, it might come across as less of a derp name.

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It's in English, so it sounds auto-cool to the Japanese ear.

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So much for my vague hope...

Though I do understand that. Things in other languages sound pretty neat to me, even if it turns out they're just saying shower curtain or something just as useless.

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lol yeah, it's true. On the plus side it means we will never be in short supply of grorious Engrish.

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Well, you can. Shouting it with self confidence and without cringing or laughing - is proof of being seriouly badass.

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Yes and yes to all.

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ohgod i love this post. ♥
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Followed the Tumblr! Keep up the great work.