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I was supposed to be studying for my French final tomorrow.

Instead, this happened.

and thus, hipster kanda was born )

Spoilers I guess kind of not really?

Just general plot points.

EDIT: there's now a TUMBLR for this tomfoolery
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I just realized something, while thinking about the last novel. It may not be much, but I'd still like to share to know your opinions. It's not really a theory, just some thoughts about certain things that keep bugging me.
Cut for length (but I swear it's not that long). )
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I bring a Noah-centric ficcage, which is a LATE birthday present for [livejournal.com profile] timcanpy_sensei . Happy birthday~

Title: They Call Us Evil

Summary: The Earl thinks the Noah need some extra clothes if they're going to be out and about, so he decides to knit some, and starts with Tyki.

Pairing: None

Genre: Family, humour

Rating: K

Warnings: ...uh... I don't think I have any actually... The Noah aren't being creepy or anything. xD

Disclaimer: I don't own DGM or the lovely Noah family. Hoshino Katsura does~

That was probably why they were at Tyki so much; poor Tyki was too laid-back to really care all that much - some would probably call it being lazy - which could be both a good and a bad thing.

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Uh, hi!  I just read DGM chapter 196 (up at mangastream) and wrote down my thoughts and such.  I thought I'd share them with you guys.  Which is probably a bad idea, you know, because lots of spoilers and stuff (luckily they're all behind the cut).  :D  So it's highly recommended that you don't read this until you finished reading the chapter itself.

Don't expect anything really serious here, sorry; I tend to save serious stuff for the discussion.  I hope this is okay with everyone (and the . . . entire post in general).

Warning:  Bad attempts at humor (some inappropriate), lots of capslock, tons and tons of spoilers, random comments, and mocking of characters.

A newbie and posting spoilers.  What does this say about me.

spoilers spoilers spoilers )

. . . and that is how I spent my morning.  :D

This was not meant to offend anyone.  This was just my half-assed attempt at humorously mocking the manga D.Gray-man and brightening up people's day.  So I am sorry if you're offended in any way.  ):

Your thoughts?  Opinions?  Predictions for next chapter?
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+ Title: August
+ Characters:
Tyki Mikk, Rhode Kamelot, Cyril Kamelot
+ Rating: E
+ Word Count: 1384
+ Author's Notes:
A little piece for [livejournal.com profile] ironfist , involving hobo!Tyki and Rhode.

Try to fill the spaces in between... )

+ Title: Viva la Gloria - Chapter 1 
+ Characters:
Rhode Kamelot, Komui Lee, Allen Walker
+ Rating: M - Graphic descriptions, dark themes
+ Word Count: 1782
+ Author's Notes:
A very dark AU I've had rolling around in my head for a while. It's... really dark, kind of twisted. Not the best thing I've written. You get the idea. It's more of a "what-if" scenario than a truly plausible AU.


+ Title: Virtuoso 
+ Characters:
Rhode Kamelot, the Fourteenth
+ Rating: E
+ Word Count: 737
+ Author's Notes:
A bit of fanon, a lot of sentimentality. Back when King George was still ruling England...

Ready to believe... )
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three old noah fics that were part of a challenge once upon a time.

it's what you have to lose.
the noah family, 786w. pg-13.
we love our guests so—don't we, children?

i hope you're okay.
skin boric (yes rly), rhode camelot. 545w. pg-13.
he'd have to eat a million candies to get the taste to go away.

until somebody loves you.
tiki mikk. 300w. pg-13.
shouldn't it hurt? was what they all asked him.

all here!
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Guys, I've been wondering. About new chapter's cover. Yes, the one with gay Allen standing over what could be interpreted as Alma Karma suffering from some severe mayonnaise intoxication. Or something. It feels like it's too specific, too precise not to have a deeper meaning.
And I'm dead serious.

No, really. Overly long and spoiler-ish post THIS WAY! )
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So yes, Mr. Fourteenth deserves more love. Plus, this idea seemed a fun one to do~

Title: Time Paradox
Rating: T
Pairings/Character: No pairings, 14th Noah Allen-centric.
Warnings: The usual D. Gray Man violence.
Summary: Yes, as a Noah's host, he should've known better than to touch the Heart Innocence. So Allen Walker finds his situation reversed: rather than the 14th taking his body, he had been sent thirty-five years into the past and in the traitor Noah's place...!

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 Noticed this? 

Fake cut is as fake as Shatner's hair )
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Title: Noah's Bookman #3
Rating: PG for violence? Maybe pg-13?
Summary:What if, instead of being sent to record the secret war with the Order, Lavi was sent to the Noah? Would Lavi stay neutral or lose himself to the Noah as he did to the Order? This is his record.

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lavi, Tyki, Kanda, Daisya, and Noise Marie. No pairings
Chapter Summary: Lavi has the worst luck. As he travels out and about, he encounters his favorite exorcist and this time, he's got friends. (Parallels issue 43)
Original: on devArt

The second encounter didn't go any better than the first. Well until the very end. )
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originally an idea for an rp character, i thought this'd make a good story. it parallels the original storyline. i had originally made them one ridiculously long drabble, but i've cut it up into sections and plan on continuing writing, thanks to my tyki rp-er who's been giving me ideas and help with tyki's side of the story.

Title: Noah's Bookman
Total Length: 6 pgs
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary:What if, instead of being sent to record the secret war with the Order, Lavi was sent to the Noah? Would Lavi stay neutral or lose himself to the Noah as he did to the Order? This is his record.

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lavi, the Earl, Tyki, Rhode, a little bit of Debitt. No pairings
Drabble Summary: Lavi's first few months with the Noah. His record starts of a little rocky, but something about them draws him closer than he had planned.
Original: here

Alias 49 - Lavi )

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lavi, the Earl, Tyki, Rhode, Allen, Kanda, and minor appearances by other Noah. No pairings
Drabble Summary: Two years later, Lavi gets to meet his first Exorcist. It doesn't quite go so well.
Original: here

Two Years Later )
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I'm sure most people have thought or discussed about it.

What if the 14th had not-so-serious but genuine reasons for leaving? Such as these? Spoilers from chapter 182 onwards. )

D.Gray-man has been taking up too many hours of my day lately XD Not sure if it's a bad thing.
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I understand why all the hype about Allen is huge this chapter round but there's a small itching on my brain and I can't help but let it out after I thoroughly thought it through to points of making it make sense.
Spoilers BB )
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Ahh the moderators posted my download for the Noah a lot sooner than I expected! You can come and get it at the link below!


Note: In order to download this content, you must register! (But it's completely free and easy and safe so I don't know why you wouldn't want to!)

Info: Basically, since there were no D. Gray-Man Sims 2 custom content (and tons of Naruto.. for some reason), I decided to correct this obvious fluke. I mean, how could it be?? D. Gray-Man= Awesome! If you don't know what a sim is, well.. you can look at the link and find out more. I mean, the pictures are neat at least. ^^

And yes, I am still working on a custom Allen! I will finish him later this week, then I need to get permission from various artists to post him for download, as I had been using their custom content in it. ^.^ Anyone interested in preview pics?

Chapter 183

Apr. 4th, 2009 10:46 am
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Okay, the new chapter is out and scanlated on onemanga.com, so head on over and read it. It's rather sweet.

A few discussion points. )
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My friend and I have a certain theory about the Noah. We think that maybe there were 14 original Noah, of all of the different traits (dreams, pleasure, etc.). We think that when one of those original Noah died, his soul (along with his powers and his trait) passed into another person, and when they died, the soul passed into a different person, and so on. The person's behavior and personality aren't necessarily that of the original Noah; they just have the same soul as the original. For example: let's say there's an original Noah of wrath. That Noah died; his soul passes into a normal human. That human becomes the new Noah of wrath, and gains the original Noah's powers. When that Noah dies, his soul passes into Skin Boric. Skin then becomes the new Noah of wrath, and gains the powers of the previous Noah of wrath.

Do you think this theory is credible? Or am I just bullshitting?


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