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I bring a Noah Clan fic and a Link fic.

Cutting it Closer
Summary: Link believes that Allen needs a haircut. He believes it very strongly.
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] personaru for beta-reading.
Disclaimer: DGray doesn't belong to me.

By Candlelight
Summary: Devit, relying on Rhode's romantic advice, becomes determined to communicate his crush on Tiki by stabbing him in the eye.
Rating: PG-13 for violent themes

After much prompting by interested parties, I finally put together a list of my favorite Noah Clan fics, so I'm sharing that here as well.

Noah Clan Reclist

Enjoy. :)
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I did this before with Tyki and now I find myself in need of Devit icons so-- there you go! There's links at the bottom to zip files of the entire set. They're bases so do with them what you will, I made them for RP but that's not all they can be used for.

112 bases

Warning: Image Heavy!

( Follow the fake cut to lots and lots of bases! )
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Title: In a Grave
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for NPC death and violence
Characters: The Noah Clan
Summary: The Earl questions the Noahs in an attempt to find out who broke the rule "No killing in the house" and buried a Finder in the garden.


Title: Worn
Rating/Warnings: PG
Characters: Rhode and Jasdero
Summary: Rhode wants to make a trade for Jasdero's ribbons.


Title: I Have Tasted the Fire
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for mentions of violence?
Characters: Link and Allen
Summary: Allen and Link, an optimist and a pessimist, while away a free hour in front of a fireplace.
Notes: Thanks to [profile] personaru for beta-reading.


Disclaimer: D. Gray-man does not belong to me.
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Hi, new to the com. Hope I post this correctly, please tell me if I didn't. As a first timer, I've got a little story for you. It's just a drabble, but hope you enjoy.

Title: Innocence
Pairings/Characters: Devit x Jasdero
Rating/Warnings: PG13 for minor sexual implications and male fluff.
Summary: Without his innocence he was just Devit.

Here: rinhail.livejournal.com/1632.html#cutid1
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Title: Noah's Bookman #3
Rating: PG for violence? Maybe pg-13?
Summary:What if, instead of being sent to record the secret war with the Order, Lavi was sent to the Noah? Would Lavi stay neutral or lose himself to the Noah as he did to the Order? This is his record.

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lavi, Tyki, Kanda, Daisya, and Noise Marie. No pairings
Chapter Summary: Lavi has the worst luck. As he travels out and about, he encounters his favorite exorcist and this time, he's got friends. (Parallels issue 43)
Original: on devArt

The second encounter didn't go any better than the first. Well until the very end. )
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originally an idea for an rp character, i thought this'd make a good story. it parallels the original storyline. i had originally made them one ridiculously long drabble, but i've cut it up into sections and plan on continuing writing, thanks to my tyki rp-er who's been giving me ideas and help with tyki's side of the story.

Title: Noah's Bookman
Total Length: 6 pgs
Rating: PG-ish?
Summary:What if, instead of being sent to record the secret war with the Order, Lavi was sent to the Noah? Would Lavi stay neutral or lose himself to the Noah as he did to the Order? This is his record.

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lavi, the Earl, Tyki, Rhode, a little bit of Debitt. No pairings
Drabble Summary: Lavi's first few months with the Noah. His record starts of a little rocky, but something about them draws him closer than he had planned.
Original: here

Alias 49 - Lavi )

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lavi, the Earl, Tyki, Rhode, Allen, Kanda, and minor appearances by other Noah. No pairings
Drabble Summary: Two years later, Lavi gets to meet his first Exorcist. It doesn't quite go so well.
Original: here

Two Years Later )
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I bring two Noah genfics and a short Link fic. Disclaimer: D. Gray-man does not belong to me.

The One Good Dance
Summary: The Earl's forcing me and Jasdero to learn to fucking ballroom dance. How did we not escape this one?
Warnings: A great deal of language.

Summary: Jasdero and Devit seem to have broken the Ark--leaving them no choice but to flee.

Summary: Link investigates Allen’s sock drawer, and donut-related accusations are made.
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At Animazement last weekend, [livejournal.com profile] fadedfeathers and I cosplayed Jasdero and Debitto. c:

Together, we are Jasedbi, hee! )
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In honor of Jasdevi's birthday, I finished a fic.

Waking in Midwinter
Summary: Jasdero and Devit have awakened as Noahs, but still struggle to discover their new strength, just when they've been found by two men from the Order and sentenced to die as monsters.
Warnings: R for violence and death.

Two more fics:

Summary: Allen Walker’s stolen button brought out too many strange emotions in Rhode and Tiki. Now that the button’s lost it’s only gotten worse. Struggling to control his own mind, Tiki seeks his family’s help to search a graveyard, which brings back memories for Jasdero.
Rating: PG-13 for violence, death, morbid themes, and disrespect for graves

The Rise of the House of Camelot
Summary: Sherril has taken an interest in the newfangled technology of moving pictures and made important advances in the field—-all so he can create a cinematographic masterpiece starring his own beloved family.
Rated: PG-13 for Sherril

Although this has nothing to do with Jasdevi's birthday, I've also drawn a small Link/Allen picture.

Forehead Kiss )
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Photos by Чеширочка
Cosband DNK

Here you can watch our video:

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I'm here to share a couple pictures.

Jasdevi Comic )

Young Link )

Also, there's an informal DGray rp going on at DA. It's a mix of crack and serious, but it's been a lot of fun. The rp can best be summed up by Jasdevi's illustration. (Linked with permission of the artist.) There are still some characters available, including Reever, Marie, Johnny, Mana, Chaoji, Doug, General Yeager, the head nurse, etc. Lala could use a Guzol, Anita could use a Mahoja, and Link is dying for a Leverrier.

If you're interested in joining, read the bottom of the post on Komui's page and send him a note. Komui's page is here.
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I have several more Noah Clan fanfics here. All these are safe except for language. The D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

Summary: The Noah Clan has mostly recovered from the battles on the Ark. However, Tiki's new habit of drinking alone at midnight is only one of the things worrying Devit.
Notes: Thanks to [profile] cattheterrible for beta-reading.

The Joy of Pets
Summary: Spirits are high as the twins take to their roles as the proud owners of a pet chicken. Tiki is not so pleased.

Ending the World
Summary: These are the ways Jasdero and Devit draw their strength from the Noah Clan.
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I bring a long fic, a short fic, and a medium-length parody. Everything is PG, but may contain tentacles.

Seven Days of Things Lost
Summary: The members of the Noah Clan attempt to recover after the disastrous battle on the old Ark. They lost so many things there, and Tiki still isn't waking up...

Summary: A younger Jasdero wonders which of his and Devit's injuries will scar, and who will bear the scars.

Sometime last year I attempted to draw a picture of Linali smacking Devit with a crutch. I couldn't manage the poses, so I've written the following fanfic instead.

The Strange Adventures of a Girl With a Crutch
Summary: Thanks to Linali, the Noah Clan discovers their secret weakness.
Warning: If you object to Noahs being beaten with crutches, don't read this fanfic. Also, some of the characters are acting stupider than usual.
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In the spirit of fill-in-the-blank Jasdero, I bring you fill-in-the-blank Devit. Oh, and I also have some information about the current status of Jasdevi--that is, whether or not they're alive--gleaned from the fanbook.

Possible Spoilers )

Devit Needs Dialogue )
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After I got the fanbook and discovered that Jasdevi are Americans, I had to rethink my mental images of their past. Naturally, this resulted in fanfiction. And so I bring you this completely true account of Jasdero and Devit's origins.

Chickenthieves: A Biography
Summary: An account of the lives of Jasdero and Devit, American folk heros born to an Amish farmer and raised by chickens.
Warning: May not contain canon.

Here is one which is not on crack.

Forgotten Birthdays
Summary: Rhode promises to plan a birthday party for the young Jasdero and Devit--if only they can remember when their birthday is.
Disclaimer: D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

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Well I was brainstorming some fanart ideas, when I got one that has been the most fun for me so far... A human version of Timcanpy! Read more about my ideas and see the picture here:

Oh! And a cosplay friend of mine and I had a liiiittle too much fun with Clan of Noah crack pairings the other night (I blame the caffeine!), and here is the result..... -P.S.- contains slight adult content-
-runs to avoid being shot by Debitto-
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I bring several more Noah-centric fanfics.

The Comfort of the Familiar
Summary: Tiki begins to miss the other half of his double life, especially now that Devit and Jasdero are trying to get him to quit smoking.

Summary: The Noah Clan finds Akuma useful weapons, never mind that they’re self-aware. Rhode, on the prowl for Akuma to torment, overhears Sachiko conversing with her friend.

Summary: Allen gets an unexpected visit from Rhode.

Also, I'm thinking of translating select portions of the fanbook that comes out on June 4th. Is anyone interested in working with me as a scanlator?
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Hello... I'm a tad bit of a newbie to LiveJournal, but I finally got meh behind into gear and joined... And of course I couldn't resist joining a group based on the best manga (and anime) ever. So... How do you do? -bows- You may call me whatever you wish, really... My name is Kaera, but I also get referred to as Lulubell (or Lulu) quite a bit, so that works...

Ugh, I'm rambling now aren't I? Hmm... Well, I suppose I shall put up a link to a bit of art to show everyone! It isn't that great, so please forgive me...  


>.< I will figure out how to create links later... I'm so sorry I'm not HTML and coding savy... ^_^U
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Here sharing the links to the nine prompts for the DGM kinkmeme I've written so far. Mind the warnings, people!

Title: Sleeps in the Gutter.
Characters/couples: Tyki/Original Character.
Summary: You've never had a costumer like this. The first thing you think is that you wouldn't have to work for a fucking week, if the gentleman picked you.
Rating: NC17.

Sleeps in the Gutter.


Title: Little Give Aways.
Characters/couples: Sheryl/Tyki.
Summary: The body moving behind him is warm and immediately too close.
Rating: NC17.

Little Give Aways


Title: Taste of It.
Warnings: Kink: Dark Boots.
Characters/couples: Rabi/Linali.
Summary: Rabi rubs his face against the leather of her boot and Linali swallows, realizes she can feel it almost completely as if Rabi was doing that against her skin.
Rating: NC17.

Taste of It.

The rest are under the cut. )
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Now that I can create polls, you can help me answer these burning questions.

Jasdero Poll )

Devit Poll )


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