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notes/warnings. the massive mix for this series that i've been planning ever since i started making my dgm mixes. hope that this is enjoyed; remember, comment if you're downloading!

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Hello everyone !!

It's been a while. This time, I am here with 4 doujinshis !

There are 2 Laven, 1 Lavyu and 1 Yullen. I will tell you the name of the doujinshi right now. ^^

Fleur Incomparable from Banzy (Lavyu)
Seishokusha no Hinkaku from Megumi (Yullen)
COX from Makiya (Laven)
LAL - Lavi*Allen*Lavi only from many doujinka. (Laven - Alvi)

The last one contain 100 pages - enjoy ! ^_-

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Apr. 18th, 2010 08:40 pm
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Hi, hi !!

I'm here again for some doujinshis in french. ^^
This time, 4 doujinshis : one of Seil, one of Megumi, one of Makiya and the last one... I don't remember. Sorry. ^^'

Well, I hope you will like them.

Child Mania, Toraware no Yubi, Unter Legen and Family Walker 4

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Hi everyone !
Once again, two doujinshis in french.
This time, I scanned and translated them so, sorry for the quality of the scan. ^^'

Bitter Apple x-over by Seil and Sono Subete (Lavi x Miranda). The second one is really cute ! ♥

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Just a couple of scanlations this time around.

Justice! [Tales of Vesperia]  -- gag-humour, ALL characters
-- Misc. gags of several in-game skits/moments

Viola labradorica [D.Gray-man] -- humour, drama, romance, Allen/Lenalee; Kanda/Lenalee/Lavi
(3 stories)
-- 1st: Lavi, Lenalee, and Kanda as children, exploring and reporting on the inner workings of the Black Order!
-- 2nd: "But to be honest, I have never seen what was underneath that skirt of hers"... so says Lavi. Time to find out! Go, Exorcists!
-- 3rd: Lenalee stumbles upon Allen's hiding place, concerned.

Both can be found here.

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Once again, some doujinshis in French.
Sorry, it's not in english. -_-'

This time, "Water Garden" by Kain ; "Doll of the Deserted Island" by mescalin and a little doujinshi by PTM ~ ♥
So, that's mean : Laven, Tyki X Allen and Lavyuu !

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D.Gray-man: 189th Night

chapter cover page

Download links! )

We aim to bring you accurate translations. :) Updates are crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] bloodycircuits as well as our main Dreamwidth community -- feel free to watch for your downloading convenience.
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Hi, hi! º-º

It's me again, did you enjoy this summer?~ ^-^
Well... here, where I live, School has started already ;; So, what about a little of fanservice for encourage ourselves? `-´

I know... OTL what a pathetic introduction for this...

A-Anyway... here you are! )

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Yes, again some doujinshi in french.^^
Sorry, but, I'm french so, it's more easy to translate in my language.^^

Two Yullen : Kiss & Rice / Contrariness
Two Kanlena : Burnet / 38,7°C

I hope you will like it !

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the drama cd that have been Translated by
crabstixcake Kuro no Kyoudan Christmas Party

I add sub to it and upload it on youtube and mediafire..

the link all HERE

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H-Hi there! ;;

I'm so sorry for this, this was supposed to be released a while ago but I couldn't post it until now OTL Oh well.

here here here here here!! )
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Mini-summer-dump. I don't need to explain, do I?

-Desires of Emptiness (Lavi/Allen)
-Ourselves (Lavi/Allen)

Tales of the Abyss:
-Stay Blank Darkness (slight Asch/Natalia, slight Luke/Natalia)

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
-Koigokoro (Zack/Aerith)


All found here @ [info]add_ict_ion



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Oh God, It took me forever ;;U

But, I'm so glad to say...

"Dear Fangirls, here you are! "

It's a little heavy ºoºU (55MB)


There are some great artists like Puko, Pepu, Nezu Akira, Dear Fellows and Aoi Yumu ////// (some of my favourite artist) and more! ò-o

I'll ask [livejournal.com profile] monelisa for a translation for this one too ^-^b we're working already on the previous doujinshis I posted (Ochitekuyouni and Sweet life)
. I'm not sure WHEN I'll post the scanlation ;;U She's on hiatus now for studing and I want to send her the final result before post anything. Plus, this one is an anthology so... It.Can.Be.Long.To.Edit. but anyway, here is the raw ^-^b enjoy the wonderful art!

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Hi there~

I forgot all about this... lol, I apologize.

Well, I bring 2 doujinshis~ [livejournal.com profile] monelisa and I are working on a translation already ^-^ so please be patient!


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Profile inserts!!!!

INFO Under the Cut )

181 HQ

Mar. 25th, 2009 11:13 pm
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If anyone's interested, there's a high quality scan of chapter 181 by Hueco Mundo now. Over here.
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Hi there!~

I finally found a translator for this doujinshi (thanks a lot, Elisa!) and here it is the result ;-;
This is my first scanlation so I'm so excited and very happy! We check the whole doujinshi several times, but sorry if there's something wrong ;-;

Well, no more boring stuff, guys. Here you are!~

info and downloads here!~ )

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Hello all! This post is for any Lucky (TykixLavi) fan or potential Lucky fan! I come bearing doujinshi - all are raw I'm afraid, but please enjoy anyway! I may get some scanlations for these soon, but I may not. It's all up in the air right now.

Brief descriptions and .zip download links beneath the cut:

I can haz doujinshiz?! )

I hope you enjoy, everyone! (If something here needs to be taken down, tell me and I'll delete it.)
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Title: Friends
Rating: PG
Summary: Related and unrelated gag-humour stories involving all our favourite exorcists!

Download link here @ [livejournal.com profile] add_ict_ion 

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We bring you not one doujin, not two doujin, but SEVEN scanlated doujins for your reading pleasure!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (And Happy Birthday Allen Walker, Asch, and Luke!)

-Chocolate: Lavi/Kanda
-China Robe: hinted Lavi/Allen, mainly gag
-Hisoka: Lavi/Allen
-Love0810 (f-locked): Lavi/Allen
-Nightmare (f-locked): Lavi/Tyki

Tales of the Abyss:
-Tales of the Abyss Anthology 2: gag-humour

Ouran High School Host Club:
-The Melancholy of Fujioka Haruhi 2: gag-humour

All found here @ [livejournal.com profile] add_ict_ion 


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