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Hi there!

Just thought I'd try and promote my recently completed doujin here and see if there is any interest for it. :)

Premise: At an imaginary beginning of the 21st century. four high school boys find their way into the dark confines of a girls change room and make it their business to play poker there. Cheating, hypnotism, and sweet, sweet revenge await them!

Doujin Details + Ordering Information! )

Thanks! ^__^
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Hullo, everyone! 

I'm just dropping in to show off my newest little DGM craft! I've been looking for a way to incorporate some fandom into my daily fashion without wearing anime t-shirts, and since I got a screen printer for my birthday, I thought I'd try something fun with a nice t-shirt from J. Crew. Thus I present.... the Tease shirt.

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Click on the picture for a link to my second compilation of CrossxTyki pictures I've drawn. Warning, extremely image heavy but nothing NWS. I hope you enjoy~ <3

< alsodrawnbyme


Nov. 16th, 2010 12:26 am
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235 icons total
011 ☆ D.Gray-man

HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] shirimaki
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Linalee Zone :D

Finally I finished the set of costume [Allen & Lavi @ Kanda & Linalee]
I will just show only Linalee 1st and think i will fix her face a bit coz she looks too old than she was, LOL. And I will change her hair also, but i have some problem about Mods don't support the game so I have to fine out and delete them. I don't like base hairs that Sims has.... 

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Hello D.gray manians! ;D

Ah.. I believe this is the second time I've posted anything in here! To think I was only lurking and commenting! Zi humanity!

Meh... I has me some Motivational Posters. Please do enjoy, or try to xD

Oh, and they do have a few picture from the latest chapters... so there may be spoilers.. somehow.
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A very good friend of mine recently posted a video of her singing "Tsunaide te ni Kisu wo" on Youtube. She gave me permission to share it with the community so here you go:

Please enjoy, she puts a lot of effort into her singing! Comment/fav/rate the video if you enjoy it! Much obliged and many thanks.
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Hello! I'm new here, so if there's something wrong with my post or if this isn't allowed, please say so. But yes, I did a Lavi picspam for the fun of it, and figured that I might as well share it on the main community so that everyone can enjoy~
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So I thought I'd crawl out of lurking to share some buttons I made. I feel like a loser for coming out of the woodwork to post stuff I'm selling, but I haven't been getting much else done to post lately, and I really wanted to share these with people who'd be likely to appreciate them.

deviantArt link

If you happen to be interested in them, I'm selling them in full sets and sets of 3 on my etsy shop. And if what you want isn't there, check back later or just send me a note, I will try to keep some listed!

I'm also open to more design ideas if anybody has any. I won't guarantee I'll make them, but you never know!
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Hi! I'm new here and I thought I'd come with fic! It's my fist DGM fic so please enjoy!

Title: Disrupted Cadence

Main Parings:
CrossxAllen, TykixAllen

Rating: NC-17  for language and upcoming smut

Warning: Massive dosage of OOC-ness, though I did try to keep most of the characters in... character. And just in case you didn't realize yet this is YAOI peeps, don't like, don't read, don't complain. The story takes place in an Alternate Universe that strangely reminds me of California, even though I've never been there.

Summary: When Allen decided to leave Cross for Tyki, he never knew what he was getting himself into. His loyalty, love and friendships were all going to be put to the test with his heart as a battleground. But who will he choose in the end? Cross or Tyki?

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Hello~~ I bring you two colorings, one of Allen and the other's Kanda/Lenalee. (more the other way around XD)

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Apr. 6th, 2010 03:48 pm
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In regards to this post: http://community.livejournal.com/dgrayman/461012.html?thread=4676564

Over the past 3-4 months a bunch of people have been asking for me to provide functioning download links. The problem is, my computer crashed a while ago and I myself no longer have these downloads. :(

So, my full permission is granted to ANYONE having these downloads to provide them freely here. Please? For the community! Actually, provide them freely anywhere. I honestly don't mind.
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I don't know what I'm doing, so I will only post this video and run away. I did not made this video, the original is from Nico Nico and it's here. I only want to share because it's really awesome and Alma is actually moving. And because [livejournal.com profile] pao_8d  made me do it.

Just click if you love Alma )
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Yes, it's me again and no, I don't have a life^^; It's Allen this time, hope you like~~

(I think it's an april fool's joke, but everyone's icon in dA changed to some popular celebrity. Just to establish this, I am not a fan of Edward Cullen and I want my Lavi icon back, dammit! I am not amused!)

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Here I am again with another artbook coloring^^ Hope you like~

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Chapter 192, page 15 D.Gray-Man's manga painting HERE

Chapter 191, page 10 D.Gray-Man's manga painting HERE

Chapter 191, page 04 D.Gray-Man's manga painting HERE

All paintings are in scan size, and you can find this and other paintings in my Gallery of dA.

Coments are always welcome ^^ ~



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