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I'm moving relatively soon so I'm gradually selling anything I no longer read as well as well as anything I can buy again after I move, which includes all my D.Gray-man volumes. I'm selling them for pretty low prices and they are in perfect condition unless otherwise stated, if anyone is interested.

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Right here at Head Manga

I can't wait for the subs >w<

*afsdgsadfasdfagfdgdffagsd My Lavi~!! ToT*
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I just wanted to repost everywhere that I'm still trying to sell several manga series, including volumes 1-13 of D.Gray-Man! All are very reasonably priced and I'm even willing to haggle a little.

Please check HERE to see the complete list of everything I have! Thanks again!
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Seems like Shueisha has released volume 22 under our noses (or only under mine?). Didn't think I saw any advertisement for it in last month's chapter. Apparently it was released 3 days ago on the 3rd. If you've seen it, ignore this.

For those who haven't seen the cover art yet, it's something to munch on while we are patiently waiting for the release of 206th Night. Edit: Another month without a new chapter... a D.Gray drought upon us? I see why they released tank 22 so quickly - to keep fans less unhappy.

Link to tank 22's cover, with Lenalee as the covergirl, from Shueisha's official Booknavi website
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 Title: Crawling in the Dark
Chapter: 2/?
Rating: T maybe M later
Warnings: Post 205
Summary: Allen's left the Order, but not without a plan. Tyki's words have given him a purpose so he's gone to an old friend, Cross's main informant, for answers. Secrets are revealed and plans made after she lets the Order in on a few things.

( He sat up, looking her straight in the eye, "Wouldn't it make sense to have a different kind, something they can't break?"

"Want an ace up your sleeve, huh?" she chuckled as he grinned at her wording.
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I am currently selling a large amount of manga since I can no longer afford to keep up with it, including D.Gray-Man volumes 1-13! I am willing to sell them all together or separately, depending on who needs what.

Please go HERE for my complete list and prices. Thanks for your time!
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After two weeks of managing to catch up, i'm amazed to say the only reason i'm writing fiction is because of the ending of 205. normally i work on the plotholes or bad twists, but for the first time in my life i've read a title that doesn't have any.(that i can see.) though the war timeline's alittle confusing...

anyway, my first DGM fic.

Title: Crawling in the Dark
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: T
Warnings: Post 205
Summary: Allen's left the Order, but not without a plan. Tyki's words have given him a purpose so he's gone to an old friend, Cross's main informant, for answers. Secrets are revealed and plans made after she lets the Order in on a few things.

( I never thought I'd be grateful for Master's pretentious pride.
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So, I'm working on No Backing Out, finally, and have a question -

Does Allen ever see the Noah's souls? In particular, Tyki's? If so, what chapter is that in, or if you don't remember, what did he see/think, what was it like? 

Thanks guys!
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I made Neah again)
Colour for 1 panel of ch. 198. Hope you'll like it)
Here @ [livejournal.com profile] paper_pocket 
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[1] D.Gray-Man Wallpaper



[1-5] Monoberry Artbook
[6-12] Soul Eater
[13-22] D.Gray-Man
[23-26] Tsubasa RC
[27-35] FMA: Brotherhood
[36-38] Vampire Knight


More Here[livejournal.com profile] mmmissymunchkin 
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One coloring and a wallpaper <3


Wanna see more...here @ [livejournal.com profile] 1789geeks 
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Hello everyone ! 

I have a good new for you !
A preview (in black and white) of the cover of the volume 20 !

Kanda and Allen are on it. Too bad - it's not Alma. -_-
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I come bearing a Lenalee ficlet! Because there's not enough of Lenalee so I am fixing this little issue. Also who else thinks she should have a comm?

Author: [livejournal.com profile] rainbowhonda
Tittle: Above the Black Waters.
Spoilers! For pretty much the entire series.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Taking place in the Edo Arc of the anime\manga. Lenalee centric. Implied AllenLenalee.
Author's notes: I'd really love to know what you guys think of this one.

Above the Black Waters. Chapter 1 Link.
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Author:[livejournal.com profile] rainbowhonda
Warnings: Spoilers!!! About Lenalee and a lot more!
Tittle(s): Above the Black Waters, Stolen Hope, & Why Not.
Characters: Lenalee centric mostly, and implied AllenLenalee. Also KandaLenalee.
Authors notes: Please comment I'd love to some thoughts on these.
Fake cut to drabbles.
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Chapter 192, page 15 D.Gray-Man's manga painting HERE

Chapter 191, page 10 D.Gray-Man's manga painting HERE

Chapter 191, page 04 D.Gray-Man's manga painting HERE

All paintings are in scan size, and you can find this and other paintings in my Gallery of dA.

Coments are always welcome ^^ ~

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Chapter 191 is now avaible HERE thanks to Mangastream.

Enjoy ~

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New chapter of DGM is now available thanks to Mangastream

Enjoy ~


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