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I got something to offer here.

Translation of a German one shot I wrote (much of my English stuff is a translation or transcription of my German stuff)

Original German text can be found here, just in case anyone cares. :)

For anyone else, here's the english transcription of it. Beta was dear [livejournal.com profile] fendassor - if you still find mistakes they probably are my fault.

Enjoy. :)
(I might warn those who dislike yaoi. Don't read. It IS yaoi. Not the fluffy kind. also not the porn kind. Also not the lovey-dovey kind. But still yaoi.)


Allen Walker was always and at any time intangible )


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♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ { ℓ ℴ ѵ έ // натє } ♠ ♦ ♥ ♣

ORIGINAL THREAD More info + Suggestions

♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ { ℓ ℴ ѵ έ // натє } ♠ ♦ ♥ ♣


The themes may be interpreted any way you like. I'll list some personal request-ideas for collab, should I not have enough time to write my YW entries. By the way, my birthday is on the 30th, so write me gift-fics?

**THIS YEAR, I GREATLY ENCOURAGE ORIGINALITY! It'd be wonderful if people could try to stray as far from cliche as possible, but still have the story be beautifully written. Or if you're really confident in your writing abilities, why not try rocking a cliche? Also, please do your best to beta your work, and don't submit entrys flooded with incoherencies or grammar/spelling mistakes. It's embarrassing, and gives lavi...Yuu fans the right to make fun of us. Laven fans don't even bother. Think of it like this: Please don't make our fanfiction archive like that of Naruto's or Harry Potter's. Unless you're planning to write a My Immortal Yullen, which would be hysterical.

♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ { ℓ ℴ ѵ έ // натє } ♠ ♦ ♥ ♣

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Hello everyone !!

It's been a while. This time, I am here with 4 doujinshis !

There are 2 Laven, 1 Lavyu and 1 Yullen. I will tell you the name of the doujinshi right now. ^^

Fleur Incomparable from Banzy (Lavyu)
Seishokusha no Hinkaku from Megumi (Yullen)
COX from Makiya (Laven)
LAL - Lavi*Allen*Lavi only from many doujinka. (Laven - Alvi)

The last one contain 100 pages - enjoy ! ^_-

Link to my journal
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So [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto  has been conducting a series of tubes polls to democratically declare the "Hottest 'Ship"; a few weeks ago, Kandalee went up against Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)'s particular brand of shotacon, and lost.  (Of course, the shota was then summarily crushed by Fruits Basket, which recently gave way to Cardcaptor Sakura, so it's all good.)

Two more D.Gray-ships have since popped up in a poll that closes in twenty-four hours, both competing against Bleach: LaviLena against "Noitra Jiruga/Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck" (matchup #5) and the Yullen against Ichigo/Renji (matchup #16).  We are ACTUALLY WINNING, which is exciting!  But LaviLena is only ahead by one vote, and I'm nervous about our chances in a runoff vote, so the more the merrier.

So, in the grand tradition of the [livejournal.com profile] ljdq , I exhort you to: Go! Play! Take Quiz Poll!

(Apologies for posting so late!  I'm lazy and had been hoping someone else would do it.  orz )

[info]capslock_dgm  posts: Thing One and Thing Two.)


Mar. 12th, 2010 06:25 pm
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I did a banner with that phrase for public use, and I think it matters to every fandom, including D.Gray-Man.
But my main point for this post is: Maybe some people want to make fandom-specific version of the banner (or icons), and if so, you're very welcome to do so. That way each person has a graphic according to their taste.
If someone collaborates with some DGM goodness I'll update the post. :D
(x-posted like woah, sorry. ^^U)

Yullen fic

Feb. 12th, 2010 04:26 pm
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Title: “With the hands in the cookie jar”
Author: [livejournal.com profile] andykg
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor, romance. Two sentences of angst, nothing important.
Status: One-shot (complete).
Timeline: AU (normal world).
Pairings: Allen/Kanda, small hint of Lavi/Lenalee
Disclaimer: DGM belongs to Hoshino, the song “If you were gay” belongs to Avenue Q. The crack-level needed to unite both is mine. XD
Archive: Also in ff.net.
Beta: Nop. As English isn’t my first language, any comment/correction is more than welcome.

Notes: A silly idea that I’m sure has been done before, but I wanted to do my own version. So, credits for whoever invented this many years ago... XD

Kanda should know better than answering Lavi's phone calls.

(Read me!)
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Title: The Day Your Wish Comes True
Pairing(s): Yullen (Allen x Kanda) and possible Laven (Lavi x Allen)
Fandom: D.Gray-man
Rating: M for violence/language
Summary: AU- Among angels living in a castle in the sky, Allen and Kanda can't get along. When tragedy strikes the castle, fate starts to turn. Driven by hate their own desires, will things ever return to the way they were? Yullen and possible Laven.

(He closed his eyes, nostalgia reaching his bitter consciousness)

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Have you ever been in the situation, while writing a fanfic or role-playing, where a line of pr0n was just so epic that the story could not follow from there? Or maybe you could only think on that one line that would just explain everything in such vivid detail?

You should post these one-lines to [livejournal.com profile] 1sentencepr0n under the D.Gray-Man thread and share your creativity and cleverness with the world! No need to join! Just reply away!

Here's a link to the community, which also lists other fandoms to post your smut to:

Click HERE for the D.Gray-Man thread.

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As a follow up to this post...

8 drabbles/ficlets written in response to prompts. Thank you all for your prompts! I had great fun writing them ♥

I welcome any discussions/conversations on characterization, given that this is the first time I am writing any of these characters. I'm also pretty sure some of these prompts were written really weirdly/differently from even what I thought it would be like, so feel free to point out bits you liked, bits you didn't, bits you think could have been improved. It's fun to see how other people interpret the prompts too (:

Also, I did say I would accept up to 10 prompts, and there are 8 here. So if you would like to leave me a pairing and a prompt, I will gladly write up to 2 more drabbles/ficlets (:

All works here have a maximum rating of PG-13, and they are also suitable for people looking for friendship/gen fics. Enjoy!


For:   [livejournal.com profile] lavifag  
Title: The Last Time
Pairing: Kanda/Lenalee
Prompt: A picnic, and someone confesses
Summary: When Lenalee was eight, all she wanted to do was to tie Kanda’s hair.
Notes: This totally ran off without my permission, and I don’t think there is an outright confession (with the totally weird interpretation of “confession” I used) at the end, but still, hope you enjoy (:
Word Count: 1,272 words

Lenalee thought he was a girl, and had timidly asked if she could braid his hair, because it was just so pretty.


For:   [livejournal.com profile] linsetsu  
Title: Routine
Pairing: Cross/Kanda
Prompt: After everyone returns from the events in the Ark, the two find themselves alone for a short while, the first time in four years.
Summary: Cross had always picked on him, from his food to his hair.
Notes: This was hard and fun at the same time. I hope their interactions are somewhat believable (:
Word Count: 482 words

Cross, apparently, took extreme joy in the fact that Kanda reacted to every bait like an enraged dog.


For:   [profile] kazeneko_chan  
Title: Breathe
Pairing: Kanda/Lavi
Prompt: Beach trip
Summary: For one moment, they only needed to breathe.
Notes: Far shorter than any of the others, but I am actually quite happy with it (:
Word Count: 257 words

It was a forever-bleakness there, crashing waves, dark skies, not a soul around them for miles.


For:   [livejournal.com profile] woodrokiro  
Title: System
Pairing: Lavi/Lenalee
Prompt: Smile
Summary: Lavi cannot face her.
Notes: A character study and veiled pairing fic in one. Turned out far more angsty than I thought it would be, but hope you all still enjoy it! (:
Word Count: 939 words

There was a careful system to be kept when it came to expressions.


For:   [livejournal.com profile] sailormac  
Title: Talk
Pairing: Lavi/Allen
Prompt: It’s one of those days…
Summary: In between Romania and China, Lavi and Allen talk.
Notes: Given the little time they had to interact in this period, it was interesting trying to figure out how this can be pairing-ish while being realistic. One of my lighter pieces, hope you enjoy (:
Word Count: 629 words

Lavi hates wasabi, which led to an amused Allen trying to force-feed him badly-made sushi they bought on the train.


For:   [profile] innoc3nt_sorrow  
Title: Comfort
Pairing: 14th/Allen
Prompt: The 14th isn’t as scary as Allen thought he was. In fact, he’s just lonely, just like his host.
Summary: Whenever no one was looking, Allen would look into the mirror.
Notes: This was fun! And more angsty than I thought it would be, but I hope there’s enough bittersweet-ness to keep this enjoyable (:
Word Count: 774 words

And the symbols belonged to the Scientists now, and the Vatican, and Link had a picture of it in his files.


For:   [livejournal.com profile] jaguira  
Title: Desire
Pairing: Lavi/Miranda
Prompt: Something I Can Never Have, by Nine Inch Nails
Summary: Lavi wanted to be able to stop time, while Miranda just wanted to be normal.
Notes: It was great to have a song as a prompt :D Hope I didn’t completely screw this up! And I’m afraid the ending is not as happy as I had hoped it would be…
Word Count: 707 words

He could not keep time in his hands, when they always left with the change of a name.


For:   [profile] kalium_kx  
Title: Warmth
Pairing: Emilia/Lenalee
Prompt: Emilia is complaining about life in the Black Order and the guys there. Lenalee tries to show her that things aren’t that bad.
Summary: Emilia seeks a conversation partner, and Lenalee imagines Allen’s horror if she ran up to him asking about clothes.
Notes: I’ve never written so much dialogue before. Maybe it’s a girl thing, that they talk a lot? Hmm. Anyway, enjoy! (:
Word Count: 987 words

You ever want to complain about your Walker or your Kanda you could always come to me too, yeah?


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I've checked the rules and don't think this breaks them... :D

So, in preparation for[livejournal.com profile] dgm_bigbang  , there is something called writing needed! And here, there is someone who hasn't written a single DGM fanfiction before, and is in need of inspiration and a chance to analyze the myriad of DGM characters. Simply put, I am seeking prompts and will write drabbles/ficlets in response to them (:

I accept yaoi, yuri, het and gen. I would like to challenge myself by writing any character/pairing :D My OTP is Allen/Lavi, so if you wish to hit me with that, you're also more than welcome to (: I will accept up to 10 prompts! And I am not up to writing anything R/NC-17 yet, so apologies, all drabbles will have a maximum rating of PG-13. Please leave them in this manner: 

Prompt (an image, a word, a sentence, a situation...anything, really): 
Anything specific you might want to see? (For instance, it being set in canon/AU, cameo appearance by other characters? I will try my best to see if it can fit in.)

Well...that's it, really! If you want to see a sample of my writing for other fandoms, please see[profile] sunset_tower   (: 

*hopes there are people who are interested!*

EDIT: 1 more place left! :D
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☆ D.Gray-man ☆
→ 13 Allen
→ 04 AreRina
→ 04 Allen+Lavi

☆ Tegami Bachi ☆
→ 05 Lag+Sylvette

☆ Vampire Knight ☆
→ 03 ZeroxYuuki


{ Here! }

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Just to say... that I realized I'm a pervert fangirl. Specially on LaviYuu. Anyway, this is a doujin scan that I coloured this week... page 17 of the doujin "Believe those who seek the truth; Doubt those who find it". Awesome doujin, one of my favourites (of course, LaviYuu yaoi).

And I don't know why, you have to click 2 times to view the real size. coloured on photoshop cs2.

PS- I don't know how to put LJ cuts. Anyone cares to explain it to me?

PPS- I'm not sure if I tagged well my entry. It seemed to fit all those categories, so...

PPPS- Ano, I don't know japanese enough to translate this... If anyone translated, I'd appreciate it.

thank you
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I was very bored last night, so I ended up getting a really random idea, and making a...

D.Gray-man Random Pairing Generator!

Yep. It provides a pairing, as well as a prompt! There are some random silly things added in there, but yeah, for the most part the prompts and such are (relatively) serious. The main one includes all characters, but I also created a "yaoi" and "yuri" version for those who prefer that sort of thing. :)

I almost want to have some kind of "offical community challenge" for this thing--what do you think? XD Challenge or not, I want to see the pairings (and fics, fanart, etc.) that you come up with because of this!!


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