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Because spreading the love for cosplay, and D.Gray-man in particular, will never stop being our mission! This was the front page of Stockholm's (that's Sweden's capital) local magazines today:

Also for those who can't read Swedish, the article even mentions Lavi's (that's me) tight pants. Hurr hurr the cute female reporter noticed that, huh? :3 If you wanna see more of our D.Gray-man cosplay (or other cosplays), please feel free to drop by [livejournal.com profile] ace_of_sweden anytime!
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Hi guys, I don't know if this is the proper place to post this. I was wondering if any of you had any image of Crown Clown in Allen's third uniform? D: I'm planning a cosplay, but I don't know if I should do the second uniform or the third. I find manga panels but it's not really visible.
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Ok, I have a question. My friend came across these cosplay pictures on FB, and she asked me to help find the cosplayer's identity. I mean, if the cosplayer is really one person (or are they different persons), and if the cosplayer has a deviantArt account (obviously because she wants to stalk them, being already in love with the pictures).

Here are the pictures, (click for bigger images)


Judging from how well-done these pictures are, I believe they must be quite well-known in the cosplay world? xD

Anyway, thanks in advance :D

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 Some cosplay photos under the cut, Myself as Lavi and my friend as Krory.

Lots of Pics under the cut... )
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hi guys! i just want to ask if you know this cosplayers?


click for larger view.

thanks in advance!!!
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Trying the new costume I just got ☺

My friend just came back from Thailand with the costume i ordered. ( It's cheaper coz it no cost for the shipping)

By the way..... The skirt was too short.... 

compare between my shirt and Linalee's dress

Read more... )
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Hi, dearest [livejournal.com profile] dgrayman! It's been a while, hasn't it? Almost two years, I think, even. I wonder if there is anyone out there who still remembers our little cosplay dumps from back then... Either way, whether you do or not, us odd Swedish cosplayers haven't retreated from the D.Gray fandom yet. I hope that you'll all enjoy our future projects as much as we've enjoyed our past ones!

The Group:
Allen Walker: [livejournal.com profile] shisukoisa
Lenalee Lee: Shiiki
Lavi: [livejournal.com profile] exorcistor

Click the preview for more:

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Mash-up of pictures from this year's and last year's con.
Pictures are a bit small because lj and my internets horf when I try to upload the higher res versions =/

Second uniform Lavi, girl!Lavi, various forms of Kanda, Road, the edge of Lab Technician B's lab coat, and a special appearance from "Bookman" ^^;;

Over here! Spoilers for recent chapters due to one of the Kanda costumes.


Sep. 9th, 2010 06:14 pm
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Im looking for an Allen Walker D.Gray-man cosplay size between small and medium.
Any uniform.(1,2 or 3) Boots too! :D Size USW6.
Good quality.

Let me know! :D


Sep. 2nd, 2010 08:10 pm
[identity profile] shuichixryuichi.livejournal.com

Im looking for an Allen Walker D.Gray-man cosplay size between small and medium.
Any uniform.(1,2 or 3) Boots too! :D Size USW6.
Good quality.

Let me know!
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please click on the picture to cut to my Lj

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I'm currently making a set of v3 uniforms for Fanime (Memorial Day weekend), but I can't seem to find anywhere to buy the patches. I'm looking to have some made, but the setup fees on embroidered patches are RIDICULOUS...so I was hoping someone else might be in a similar predicament? The more patches I order, the cheaper each patch becomes, since the expensive part is the setup.

Anyone interested? I am ordering at least three myself, and I think if we can make at least 30 the cost should be well less than $10. Also, does anyone know a company they for-sure trust to make these kinds of patches? The one I am planning to use is down the street from me, so I can look at their work in person before paying to make sure it is to par, but if someone has one they already like...O_O~

Anyway, hope it was okay to post this, and thanks much in advance<3
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One pair of Allen gloves for sale.
Great for cosplay.
Please pm me if you are interested.

Thank you!
Picture will be provided if requested.
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Finally got these photos up so I'd like to share. Me and my photographer took these back in early November in the Distillery District of Toronto.
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Is this allowed...?

I'm one of those people that get all the parts to an outfit (wig, shoes, belts, etc) before making the most important part (outfit itself)..so here I am with a bunch of stuff, a lack of time, and a desire for Miranda's first outfit. There's no way I can pull off making it so I was wondering if anyone knew any good sites where I could purchase an outfit similar to her own that doesn't cost a whole lot of monies.

Thaaanks <3

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 As I sit here typing this entry, I require your assistance with my girlfriend's second gen Allen Walker cosplay I'm sewing for her. I've looked at many reference pics and have the perfect one and a few more from volume 13 and 14. BUT, I've encountered a dilemma.

Ever since I saw Allen's amazing Second gen outfit, I was sure that it was two pieced: a jacket and some kinda skirt thing. That was cool, then my girlfriend asked me to help her with her Crowned Clown cosplay by making the second gen outfit for her if she supplied the fabric. Of course I agreed since she doesn't have a sewing machine and such. So, I found a good reference pic on a package of D. Gray-Man stickers I had bought for her upcoming birthday. I took a look and the outfit appeared to be a one-pieced cloak with a strap across the waist. I thought "alright, that'll  make things easier for me." but then I found another reference pic from the manga (a very good full body picture of it) and now, honestly... I CAN'T TELL WHAT IT IS.

So please, oh wise god of information known as Live Journal, give me your opinion. Which would be more canon to make? A one or two-piece outfit for her?
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i'm planning on doing a lenalee cosplay in the near future, but i'm not skilled enough to make the costume myself :C so i've been hunting around online for some good ones. however, there are just so many!
so um, what sites do you guys recommend for me to buy from? any help is much appreciated :]
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Cosplay from NATcon convention in Crakow [Poland]

as Road Camellot
Aka as Allen Walker
Photo by mistlel
From this art

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We (Kanda, Allen, Lenalee cosplayers) went to Nisei Week in Little Tokyo for the Japanese festivities.  It was a lot of fun and we took some pictures. 


(Click on the Image)
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 Well, I just got back from Animethon and decided to post pics from our D. Gray-Man group. This was the first debut for bot my Lavi and Jasdero costume. I hope you enjoy ~


Image Heavy )


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