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Since I have completed the Gray Ark translations (finally!), I've complied all the download links into one post in case anyone will find this more convenient.

1. Black Order register FILE 1
4shared: Download

2. Mission Reports and Black Order Database
4shared: Download

3. Black Order register FILE 2
Mediafire: Download

4. Guide to entering the Black Order
4shared: Download
Mediafire: Download

5. Weapons and Players from History (Earl, Noah, Akuma, no character relationship)
Mediafire: Download

6.Black Order Opinion box
4shared: Download

7. Hoshino Katsura's Era (Black White Interview-Interview with Hoshino and her editors, Hoshino's design works, making of dgray-man, Q&A as a new artist, no Zone translation)
4shared: Download
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Finally finished yet another section of Gray Ark. I'm kinda rushing it right now since the new character book is coming out soon and well...it's better to get the older stuff out of the way. Thanks to all the previous existing translations which made my job a lot easier.

Black Order Register File II
Mediafire: Download
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The latest section I translated, it's mostly consolidated material from previous translations for the character stats and the four main characters, so it wasn't that difficult this time. I didn't include the parts which are already scanlated and already posted earlier here.

Download here (4shared)
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This is the English Translation of the sixth Section of the D.Gray-man fanbook

Black Order Opinion box (Basically fan opinions, votings, quiz, fanart... and the glossary)
4shared:Download here
Mediafire: Download here
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Yeah, I know I haven't updated for a loooong time, and in fact, I posted one section at DGD and forgot to re-post it here, yikes

Anyway, I have the pdf format for Hoshino's Era, so you don't have to scroll through everything online from my previous entry.

Download here

Next is the link I posted on DGD but not here, which is Mission reports and Black Order database.

Download here

Lastly, the newest translation which I just finished two days ago, Guide to entering the Black Order

Download here

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Like I said in my previous post, I have translated Hoshino's interview, which was written in the fanbook Gray Ark.
Done by: 
pika318/mittens_220 and hikari_ryuu

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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So I have acquired the traditional chinese version for the gray ark and I can translate it into english for the rest of you to enjoy.

I think the fire for the Gray Ark has died down and perhaps a bunch of people have already translated parts or maybe the whole book so I want to ask, which part of the book do you want me to translate the most? You can choose from any of the options below.

Translations will be slow because I'm pretty busy with projects but I should be able to spare some time to translate the book and hopefully I'll be able to translate almost the whole book by the end of this year.

1. Black Order register FILE 1 ( Exorcists, Generals, Supreme Generals)

2. Mission Reports and Black Order Database (Includes the personal reflections by the exorcists about different missions)

3. Black Order register FILE 2 (Main Branch Staff, Side Branch Staff, Central Staff, Supporters, Misc characters)

4. Guide to entering the Black Order (Important info, the organisation, Innocence, Exorcists, Anti-Akuma weapons, Map of Black Order and details about rooms)

5. Weapons and Players from History (Earl, Noah, Akuma,)
I don't think you need me to translate character relationship.

6.Black Order Opinion box (Basically fan opinions, votings, quiz, fanart... and the glossary)

7. Hoshino Katsura's Era (Black White Interview-Interview with Hoshino and her editors, Hoshino's design works, making of dgray-man, Q&A as a new artist.) Translations for Zone are out there somewhere so I won't do it.

And please tell me if there are already translations out there so I don't have to do it.

I have translated Komui's notes to the readers found in the front inner flap as well as Hoshino's thank you notes on the last page of the fanbook, just to get something started.

Komui's notes )

Hoshino's thank you note )
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Hi guys! I promised a long time ago that I'd type up the section of the Gray Ark fan book where Hoshino and her editors discuss the history of DGM's creation so that any Japanese-savvy translators with some time on their hands can have a go at it. It's got a ton of miscellaneous behind-the-scenes tidbits that you'd only care about if you're a diehard fan *cough*.

I'm still not done yet, but hey! At least what I've got so far isn't just piling dust while I take my time on this. So far, I've got about 4 out of 12 pages of pure Japanese text. I need more holidays.

(Follow the fake cut for the transcript!)
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Fanbook translations are easy to find, but scanlations are much rarer. So (after mushing my fanbook into my scanner for hours on end) I did the character timelines at the end of the first chapter/section. :3

It looked better when I was imagining the finished product... )
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Sorry for bringing up an old topic, but I was wondering whether the talks with Hoshino and her editors in the book had been translated anywhere. If not, I'd like to try and maybe do a rough summary of it and type up a transcript (so that pro translators can correct me).  There's some stuff that would officially answer some of the more trivial questions of DGM like the origin of the title 'D.Gray-man' and why each chapter is called 'The ~th Night'. Some relavant tidbits are probably buried in there too... maybe.

I might also throw in a couple of notes from other untranslated sections, like the comments next to the characters earlier drafts. One of little facts I found there was that Hoshino didn't decide until sometime before chapter 156 that Kanda wears 'Asian-ish' clothing(< 184 spoiler!)  for casual wear. (This was why I picked up my fanbook again XD)

I should warn you that my Japanese is really iffy most of the time (especially grammar wise) so yeah... Is there any such thing as more Gray Ark translations out there?

Edit: Hmm, guess there aren't anymore translations :/
I'll get started on this later~
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I've scanned a few images from the visual artbook that you can check out if you'd like.

>> full scans at my journal
sincere: DGM: Lenalee's back to the viewer ([dgm-allen] the lightbringer)
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For those of you interested in the DGM Gray Ark fanbook... [livejournal.com profile] hashire scanned the character profiles and, with her permission, [livejournal.com profile] libekory and I have translated and scanslated them!

We started with our main characters and finished Allen, Kanda, Lenalee, and Lavi's pages.

Click here for character profiles!

Tell [livejournal.com profile] libekory how pretty they are so she feels better about her aching wrist, watch [livejournal.com profile] kaybek to get future updates first, and feel free to tell us whose profiles you'd like next!
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I've uploaded a few pictures of Kanda's third uniform from Kakkoi Con last weekend. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yumikoryuu and Kat Black for taking them. Those are here: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/121370/

Also, we had a little D.Gray-man photoshoot with a bunch of different characters. :) My photos are kind of dark, but they're available here: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/121860/

Thanks for looking! Please let me know if my friends and I are in any of your photos from Kakkoi Con. I'd love to see them. <3

(Definitely forgot to x-post when I posted this on [livejournal.com profile] dgray_cosplay, even though I post here more. orz) Also...

Cut for snotty remark re: 169 spoilers. )
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So a bunch of us went to AnimeNEXT and spent the Monday after the con scouring New York for the DGM fanbook, because there were practically none at the con. I think we bought every copy in New York, too. *coughs*

(For those who were at the con and wondering who I am? I was the really short Allen who kept trying to steal Mugen. Maybe better remembered as Sunday's skirt!Allen who chased Cross around with a gun. >.>)

Anyway, point is, I made a billion people take the personality quiz in it, so I've practically translated all the questions anyway, so thought I might as well do the rest and share them here.

Just a note: I don't know Japanese, so I dunno if I got everything right, and the wording is... definitely not accurate, since I could only understand the gist of things. Also, the result descriptions are too wordy, so I didn't translate those, sorry! =D; Man, I hope no one comes up to me going, "HEY, YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG."

Translations under cut~ )

A question

Jun. 25th, 2008 01:54 am
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Hey everybody! I have a cosplay question regarding the third version uniforms. Does the fanbook have any shots from the back, by chance? Or is it just that two page b/w spread? I was wondering, since I'm planning on making Kanda's third version uniform for Otakon 08, and I don't know if this version has a flap in back like the first version or a cross pattern like the second version. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch! ♥♥♥
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Did a mini-con report at my LJ here - has some pictures (six tops). I did Third Arc Allen (from the Fanbook), Cloud Nine (battle gear), Allen (v1 coat + monacle), and Reever; also met a ton of interesting people that I've talked to at this very community! It was lovely meeting you all in person and putting faces to it.

Note: My Allen Boots = Not done. My old ones were trashed and I didn't have enough time to mod these. At least there was the turn down.
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Lavi & Allen are complete!

Lenalee & Kanda images are updated to something a little less blah-looking. And to match Lavi & Allen's once I finished theirs. Hah.

You can find them at [livejournal.com profile] interval, here.

ETA: Two of the boxes on the Kanda profile page (not the profile itself) translated, regarding Kanda & Lenalee meditation, and Kanda's lotus-flower mystery. The other boxes don't interest me so I haven't read 'em yet. Wee. *judges boxes by pictures... shamelessly shallow.*

Here at [livejournal.com profile] interval.

Have yet to sleep. Should. But I keep getting distracted by random things...
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Someone is translating the profiles and information on the fanbook at the D.Gray Divinity forums.

Go here to read them!
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So, I got my copy of the fanbook, Gray Ark, today, and I went through and scanned the profile pages, early sketches of the characters, and age tables for the OT4.


Images are around 2500 x 2000. I tried to make them as clear as possible, but some of the scans are a little skewed.
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From the DGM fanbook, ages of a good bit of the D.Gray-man cast! Information gathered by hashire on MangaHelpers ([livejournal.com profile] hashire).

ages, and some info about when the OT4 met )


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