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Since I have completed the Gray Ark translations (finally!), I've complied all the download links into one post in case anyone will find this more convenient.

1. Black Order register FILE 1
4shared: Download

2. Mission Reports and Black Order Database
4shared: Download

3. Black Order register FILE 2
Mediafire: Download

4. Guide to entering the Black Order
4shared: Download
Mediafire: Download

5. Weapons and Players from History (Earl, Noah, Akuma, no character relationship)
Mediafire: Download

6.Black Order Opinion box
4shared: Download

7. Hoshino Katsura's Era (Black White Interview-Interview with Hoshino and her editors, Hoshino's design works, making of dgray-man, Q&A as a new artist, no Zone translation)
4shared: Download
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Finally finished yet another section of Gray Ark. I'm kinda rushing it right now since the new character book is coming out soon and well...it's better to get the older stuff out of the way. Thanks to all the previous existing translations which made my job a lot easier.

Black Order Register File II
Mediafire: Download
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i'm working the evolution of Lavi's Innocence into my fanfic and i'd like to get a literal translation of "Ōzuchi Kozuchi" for the new name a/o attack purposes.

the D.Gray-man wikia has it as "Ōzuchi Kozuchi" (大槌小槌, Big Hammer, Little Hammer, lit. translation Ootsuti gavel). i put the romanji and kanji through as many translation sites as i could: Kozuchi kept coming up as hammer or gavel, but Ōzuchi/Ootsuti/Otsuchi kept coming as a surname with no definition. though Ōzuchi did get me 'beetle' on one site. so i tried Google and got nothing but articles on the Earthquake. thinking it might be mythological i tried Ōtsuchi in wikipedia and that said it's a large wooden hammer with a shaft of about 6 feet; was mainly used for forcible entry through castle gates and doors.

is the name of Lavi's Innocence really just 'Hammer Hammer'?

p.s. oh, and the romanji for the Water and Earth seals would be much appreciated. ^^
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The latest section I translated, it's mostly consolidated material from previous translations for the character stats and the four main characters, so it wasn't that difficult this time. I didn't include the parts which are already scanlated and already posted earlier here.

Download here (4shared)
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This is the English Translation of the sixth Section of the D.Gray-man fanbook

Black Order Opinion box (Basically fan opinions, votings, quiz, fanart... and the glossary)
4shared:Download here
Mediafire: Download here
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It has taken me more than 1 month, but I have finished it! Presenting to you, the english translation of Lost Fragment of Snow!

Link here

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I have translated the first story of the novel from the chinese translations found on the internet. Please take note that inaccuracies and grammar mistakes are to be expected because this is a 3rd order translation and my chinese and english isn't really great.

Mediafire: Link

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Yeah, I know I haven't updated for a loooong time, and in fact, I posted one section at DGD and forgot to re-post it here, yikes

Anyway, I have the pdf format for Hoshino's Era, so you don't have to scroll through everything online from my previous entry.

Download here

Next is the link I posted on DGD but not here, which is Mission reports and Black Order database.

Download here

Lastly, the newest translation which I just finished two days ago, Guide to entering the Black Order

Download here

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I just translated Beyond the Sky's "Sono Subete," posted by [livejournal.com profile] strike_kun here, into English.

Translation )

I don't mind if anyone uses or reposts my translation, as long as you credit me (as Kumori/[livejournal.com profile] symbolism_egg.

I've also translated a few of the Noah Clan stories from the anthology recently posted by [livejournal.com profile] chidorita, but I'm going to wait until I've translated more to post them. (Time permitting.)
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Hi guys! My translation of Night 189 is finished and available over here if anyone is interested :) The Murasaki Scans version of this chapter will be out soonish.
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For anyone who's interested, I posted up a translation of DGM 188, which is available here :) Enjoy! Feel free to comment if there's any questions.
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Hi, hi! º-º

It's me again, did you enjoy this summer?~ ^-^
Well... here, where I live, School has started already ;; So, what about a little of fanservice for encourage ourselves? `-´

I know... OTL what a pathetic introduction for this...

A-Anyway... here you are! )

x-posted Everywhere º-º
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 allensig.jpg allen sig image by AlliancePWNGE

And the small boy closes tired eyes and falls asleep
A silent spark rises brightly from the cooling ash
There was one, there was two, then...

Do you see dear silhouettes step into the growing light?
A thousand dreams waltzing gently through this world of ours
It's a dream, just a dream...

A silver gaze flickers in this precious night
You are the star which was born for someone else's sake
And through the years flying past endless heights
Slowly, all of our hopes fade away into the earth...

Even so, I'll always be praying for you
Without fail, hold this child in Your heart
If I leave please never stop smiling for me
Bless both hands with a gentle kiss.

I don't know if anyone already posted this,

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I just found this in onemanga and confused me. Somebody can read kanji?
It's relevant, trust me
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Edit: I found a slightly clearer version (pink pages version) and filled in the translations I left out previously.

This week's chapter was released in a rather odd time. I translated as soon as I realised it was up.

The raw scans look like they've been chucked into water and boiled. The text is rather blurry, so I've translated the best I could.

Bad news: There will be no new chapter next week due to Japan's Golden Week holiday. This chapter is from a 2-week combine issue, 22/23. There is an announcement at the end of this chapter saying there will be D.Gray-man will be on hiatus from issue 24 until further notice. It isn't known if this is the decision of Hoshino-sensie or Shueisha (publisher of the Shounen Jump magazine).

Very sad news ;___;

For the raw, google keywords like: mangahelpers d.gray-man 186 raw

Translation )
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This chapter is quite tiresome to translate. All sorts of terms just came out of nowhere. But finally, some revelations on Karasu. Kanda...beautified a further 300%...

If you want the raw of this chapter, google with keywords: mangahelpers d.gray-man raw 185

Translation )
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Chapter 184 raw is out at Mangahelpers for download. I'm not putting a link there this time because if I do I need to lock this entry. But, if you Google search the keyword: mangahelpers d.gray-man raw 184, I guarantee will land you on the link. First one too.

This chapter is another must-read.

Lenalee, you had another plastic surgery!? What happened to your everything above the neck?

Timcanpy is so adorable~ *need to catch one for herself*

Translation )
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Eh I know raining_helium already posted his translation of the first track, but I just finished translating the whole Drama CD today...

So I thought I'd post up my own translation (I also posted this under raining_helium's own post below this, but I thought I'd make this less obscure by giving it it's own post... If a mod feels that this having its own post is redundant, please feel free to delete :) 

My full translation of all the tracks in the DGM Kuro no Kyoudan Christmas Party Drama CD can be found here: http://crabstixcake.livejournal.com/1313.html
sincere: DGM: Lenalee's back to the viewer ([dgm-allen] the lightbringer)
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For those of you interested in the DGM Gray Ark fanbook... [livejournal.com profile] hashire scanned the character profiles and, with her permission, [livejournal.com profile] libekory and I have translated and scanslated them!

We started with our main characters and finished Allen, Kanda, Lenalee, and Lavi's pages.

Click here for character profiles!

Tell [livejournal.com profile] libekory how pretty they are so she feels better about her aching wrist, watch [livejournal.com profile] kaybek to get future updates first, and feel free to tell us whose profiles you'd like next!
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Out of all the translations I've seen for the Reverse novels, I've never seen Vol 1: Chapter 3 done or completed so it was entirely legible. So I decided to tackle that.

"Bak Chan's Capriccio" is Bak-chan's debut story, way before he made an appearance in the manga.

It features Bak-chan's amusing shenanigans as he devises a special 'truth-telling tea' in order to make Komui spill the beans on how he achieved the post of Head Officer, and tells us the origin of the potion that gave Allen pretty long hair in recent chapters.

Read more... )


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