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Hi everyone ^_^
I'm here with a request.
I'm looking for a doujinshi by Seil, the title is CRATE and is as always a Allen x Kanda one.

This is the cover:

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Actually I want to buy it, but I don't have money right now and I think is not the right time to make order from Japan since they have bigger problem, so...I would love to see the doujinshi before hoping to buy it in future, and I offer summary or, if it is not too difficult, english translation if someone could bring me the scans. *___* *puppy dog eyes*

Can someone help me? Thank you ^_^

xposted like WOAH, sorry if I spam your friend list
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Hello comm! help please? )
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Hello there, comm! I'm currently looking for a certain doujinshi series by the author mikuge (or Aika, as she goes by on some sites) and I'm having a little trouble. So, I was wondering if anyone here has or knows where to find the 駅前留学 (Ekimae ryuugaku/Exchange At The Station) series.


This is the cover of the second book in the series, if it helps any. The first book and any information about it has proved hard to find as it's quite old for a doujinshi.



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I need some help from the community.

I have a plushie I'm working on of the Millenium Earl and I need a picture of one of his specific hats. It's apparently one with a crescent moon on it. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?

In return, I'll make a post here in a bit of the D Grayman plushies I've made for people to see ^_^

Thanks so much in advance!
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Hey, I'm a newbie here and while I was looking at all of the old posts at this community I found this translation by [livejournal.com profile] symbolism_egg did about the Noah Family called the Noah-centric doujin anthology "Familia 13."

You can find the post here

And I found it very interesting, so I tried looking for the scan but I can't find it anywhere unfortunately... and the scanner who did the scan for the doujinshi was suspended from LJ, so what I'm doing now from symbolism-chan's advice, I'm asking all of you DGM fans if you have the scan.

If you do have the scan, can you please upload it? I would greatly appreciate it and I'm betting other people would appreciate it too.

Thank you! :)
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Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you are all doing fine and relaxing just fine <3

Well, the reason of this entry is to ask for a bit of help because, you see, I'm trying to make some stamps for the rating community [livejournal.com profile] rateme_exorcist  (if you haven't tried it, you should, it has become very active and nice <3) but I'm having huge problems finding pictures to make some stamps, especially of Anita, Sokaro, Klaud Nine, Jerry, Chaoji, Yeegar, Suman Dark, the lady that accompanies Anita (names, they are my biggest issue. If somebody could tell me the name of the child Allen meets at the one and uses rollerskates, I would be most thankful too) and I'M A SPOILER )

I'm trying to do everything with colored pictures so it looks uniform (it was one of the request, so all the stamps look alike and in the same style) but if they are black and white, then I don't mind. Anita, Sokaro, Klaud, Yeegar, Suman and the spoiler people sans the last one mentioned, seem to be, so far, the most difficult ones to find (mostly Anita, I cannot find that picture in which she is with Lenalee, Miranda and the lady I forgot her name OTL).

Thank you so much for your help and time.

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Hello hello <3
asking for some help ._. someone out there has these doujinshi ? RAW it's okay as in any language, just would like to watch them çWç

Circle: MEGU and HIGANO

Title: WALTZ

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Hi all :)
I'm searching for some translation of the Gray ark about Noah clan expecially Jasdevi :(
I've already seen the one about their ages etc, but I'm wondering what's written in the rest of all the 2 pages >3<
Pleeease ç____ç someone who has the info or translations?
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I was wondering if anyone has found a translated version of the collection of doujinshi called "Walker Family" volumes 1-5.

While I've found translations for 1-3 I can't seem to find anything for 4 and 5. I found them all in Japanese, and they're impossibly cute but I'd love to be able to actually read them. Even a plain text translation would be awesome, I'm not picky.

Thank you for reading.
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I'm looking for the doujinshi Bisque Doll 2. I've been looking all over for it and haven't been able to find a copy or a scan. I'm pretty sure it has been released and I'm wondering if anyone had any information in it.

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I'm not really sure if this is allowed or not (so please remove if it isn't), but I've been looking for the Rare Allen J-Mini and can't find it at a reasonable price (one place wanted $60), so I was wondering if any of you are willing to sell or know where I can find him for around $20, preferably paypal accepted payment, and shipping to the US. I know these figures are kind of old, but I want to complete my set!!

 if you're not sure what he looks like, here is a picture of the Rare Allen (Innocence Activated).

Thank you ^_^

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First time posting, sorry ;_;

I'm looking to buy Yujin (Deformed, I guess?) D.Gray-Man figurines of Allen, Lenalee, Lavi and Kanda.  ^^
I'm from USA, I can pay via paypal or money order. ^^ It will also be AWESOME if you can direct me to links that are still selling these figurines :D

Pictures + Details of each (that I want to buy) )


Aug. 28th, 2009 08:14 pm
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Yo, guys! I recently got into writing D.Gray-Man, but my archive is sadly lacking in fics for it. :C

So! I am taking requests! Five max right now, because, well, school's starting soon and I have a habit of FORGETTING EVERYTHING when I'm busy.

All requests will be posted at [livejournal.com profile] discordent, but I'll reply to your request here with a link to it. Check the master fic list for the D.GRAY-MAN category if you want a writing... sample... or whatever you call them.

Note: I FAIL UTTERLY AT BOY/BOY. But I can try. Just don't expect sexy pron times. >_>
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So this may be a long shot but I'm looking for an image. It use to be on minitokyo.net but got deleted and all I have is the small thumbnail. It's of Lavi and Kanda (as far as I can tell), sorry it's so small but that's all I got. The avatar I'm using is from that image too if that helps any...

Anyway if someone could help me or maybe has it or know where I can find it that would be super! Thank you!
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Hi, I'm not sure if this is permitted...

I just finished watching episode 93 & 94 and there were mini scenes of Cross and Lenalee... and suddenly, I wanted to read some Cross x Lenalee fic...

Can anyone point me to some? Or write one?

Thanks in advance!
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Well, the Victorian verse has won with an overwhelming 57% of the votes, so Victorian it shall be! I've already started writing, because finals are not that important (Well, History of Costume is a pretty easy final...), but I have small predicament.

I am in need of a beta who knows their DGM characterizations and such, and would be willing to put up with my silly scribbles and help me polish things up. Spelling and grammar aren't necessary as strong points, but it would be super if you could spot major problems of a compositional nature in a story. History geeks welcome to apply; I'm putting quite a bit of historical context into this, so you'd probably have as much fun with this as I am.

Just comment here, PM me, or send me a carrier pigeon if you're interested. You can check out some of the stuff I've written before in [livejournal.com profile] cemetery_things ; the majority of it (with the exception of Desolation Row) is unbetaed work, so that should give you an idea of what you'd be working with.

Thanks in advance for your help~! 


Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:22 pm
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Sup. So I have a really dumb question, man;

I've been looking for this one layout I came across once which I SWEAR was on [livejournal.com profile] freelayouts.

It had Lavi, Allen and Kanda in the header, with a gray color theme to it, and pink links and such. Some green too I believe. Anyway, been looking for it again recently because I'm too lazy to make my own layout and want itsssss.

Would anyone have any clue as to where I might find it again? If not, any heads up as to where I could find a free hot DGM layout I could use?

Danke muchos. ♥
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I just found this in onemanga and confused me. Somebody can read kanji?
It's relevant, trust me

New! xD

May. 25th, 2009 06:53 pm
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 Hi everyone. =D My name is Kimberly and I just joined, so yay!~ I'm seventeen and... I love DGM? lol yeah. I was looking for screen caps when I found this place, so I'm pretty happy about that. I also noticed that people post their fanfics here? Idk how to do that, I'd love for someone to help me out, I have two yullen fics I'd like to share. =D 


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