Mar. 11th, 2011

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I hope you guys don't mind me posting these again. You may remember these buttons I put up here a while back:

As you may have heard, there's kind of a big mess in the world that's got me pretty shaken up. I've already made a donation here, but I want to do more. Unfortunately, without a job, I'm pretty limited in my resources here.

Therefore, I've decided that for the rest of March, proceeds from all my Etsy sales will also go towards this cause. I'm not very popular, so I thought that the best way to advertise this was to post it in places where people would be interested in what is in the shop, but if you have friends you'd like to tell, please do! (And if you have suggestions on where else I can advertise myself, let me know!)

My shop is mostly nerdy buttons, with a couple other things floating around in it. If something you're interested in sells out, please try again later, I'll have it relisted as soon as possible. It would be great if you could help out with this, either by donating directly, or buying something, or even spreading the word if you can't do that! And I'm sorry if you see this cross-posted in some of the other fandom communities, but hey, that means we share a couple interests! :D

omg I got so ahead of myself I didn't even put in a link! Haha please visit my Etsy shop, sorry! orz


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