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Hello all!

Just a quick heads up that the content from [ profile] dgrayman has been imported over here. From this post onward if you wish to cross-post between the two communities you must do so manually.

Thank you all so much for both your patience and support while this mirror community at DW has been set-up and I do hope its a benefit in the midst of all this kerfuffle.

As ever, if you have any questions or comments, on either service, please don't hesitate to contact me at anytime.

Happy New Year, everyone, and happy posting :)

Also, perhaps we should hold a DW DGM friending meme at some point... Would that be of interest to anyone? :B
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Greetings all!

As mentioned over at LJ, this is a mirror community for DGM here on DW.

I would again like to emphasize that this is not a replacement for the LJ community, but it is merely another space for DGM fandom interaction to take place.

I'll be migrating all the content from the DGM comm on LJ over here as soon as community content can be imported over, so all past content will be available for viewing in both locations.

Automatic cross-posting between DW and LJ is unfortunately unavailable, so if you want to crosspost material it has to be done manually.

Thank you for your time and patience while I get things set up here, and in the meantime happy posting :) ♥


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