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Here are three short humor/crack/fluff fics. Disclaimer: DGM does not belong to me.

Title:Love is the Plan the Plan is Cake
Characters: Howard Link and Allen Walker
Summary: Link attempts to impose order on Allen's life. After all, what if he is all that stands between Allen Walker and chaos? However, there is such a thing as too much order. Especially when Link is involved.

Title:In Disarray
Characters: Link/Allen, plus Lavi
Summary: Five months is not an anniversary, and Link finds himself protective of Allen in more ways than necessary.
Note: Originally written for the kinkmeme, since revised. Fluff, not smut.

Title:The Origins of Bak
Characters: Bak, Fou, Edgar/Tuyi
Warnings: Sexual themes
Summary: As the Chang Clan guardian, Fou has been charged with an onerous duty: explaining to the twenty-something Bak where babies come from.
Note: Written as a gift for [livejournal.com profile] aorin107. :)
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Hi, hi! º-º

It's me again, did you enjoy this summer?~ ^-^
Well... here, where I live, School has started already ;; So, what about a little of fanservice for encourage ourselves? `-´

I know... OTL what a pathetic introduction for this...

A-Anyway... here you are! )

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Don your raincoats! It's a drabble downpour!

Title: Grow

Pairing: KandaxLenalee
Length: One-Shot
Rating: K
Summary: She always seemed to have a hand on his hair, even though he'd made it clear that he really, really didn't want her to.
Livejournal Fanfiction.net

Title: Watched
Pairing: Lou Fa x Allen (one-sided)
Length: One-Shot
Rating: K
Summary: Allen was at the end of his tether. The whole day he'd felt uneasy, on edge... like prey.
Livejournal    Fanfiction.net

Title: Jealous
Pairing: Allen x Fou
Length: One-Shot
Rating: K
Summary: “So what's this Lenalee girl like then?”

Title: Cocoon
Pairing: Anita/Lenalee
Length: One-Shot
Rating: K
Summary: She felt like a butterfly in a cocoon, barely conscious of the outside world, of the transformation she was undergoing.

From 'Sailing The High Seas' - My DGM Shipping Project
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Title: Sweet Life
Doujinka: Puko
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Bak, Fou
Scanned by: [livejournal.com profile] pao_8d at an earlier post.
Download Link: [MF]
Notes: Only 6 pages. Not related to the actual Lavi x Allen story. Hope you enjoy the scanlation :D Honestly, this pairing is so rare :3

It's obvious who wears the pants in this relationship )

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Hi there~

I forgot all about this... lol, I apologize.

Well, I bring 2 doujinshis~ [livejournal.com profile] monelisa and I are working on a translation already ^-^ so please be patient!


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Has anyone here ever seen a larger version of this Shining Card? I'm dying, I had no idea there was any alternate-art of Bak!

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This is a hot-off-the-press fic from me. Of the Bak x Fou persuasion. Enjoy.

Undoubtedly Insane
Written By T. Cross
Bak x Fou; rated G
I do not own D.Gray-Man, so, I’m not making any money off of it.
Undoubtedly Insane ~ Bak x Fou )


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