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Some scanslation news. I figured this was relevant to our interests, so...

Dear MangaStream supporter,

It's with a heavy heart that I make the following announcement. MangaStream will no longer be releasing the following series:

- Naruto
- Bleach
- One Piece
- Hunter x Hunter
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn
- Claymore
- D.Gray-man

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new artbook

Jun. 9th, 2011 02:29 am
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Has anyone els heard of the English release of a DGM artbook?

At the moment its labelled as "D.Gray-Man Illustrations" (ISBN:1421541246) and is available for pre-order for around $15 at B&N and Rightstuf.

I wonder if itll be a reproduction of Gray Ark, the Noche, or both?~ <- hoping for the latter. ^^ What do you guys think?
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Hello everyone ! 

I have a good new for you !
A preview (in black and white) of the cover of the volume 20 !

Kanda and Allen are on it. Too bad - it's not Alma. -_-
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Since it hasn't been posted here yet, I figured I'd put it up here for the people who may not have read about this in other various places already.

Anyway, D.Gray-Man will be returning in November, but in Jump SQ, so it will be published every month instead of every week.

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D.Gray-Man is going to appear in the summer issue of Akamaru Jump! It is confirmed! =) Akamaru is scheduled to be released on August the 17th. Read more )
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Below the cut is the cover for volume 18 and some possible news on the current hiatus.

Read more about it here! )
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Because the manga is gonna continue from around April onwards. :)

As quoted from OneManga:

Here is a bit of info about regarding Katsura Hoshino, the author of D.Gray-man; she has been suffering from a wrist injury but has recovered quite a bit. Many people have sent in emails to us to confirm the report that she will be returning in April. So many thanks to you all for letting us know.
So there is still a few months before D.Gray-man will be back but at least Katsura Hoshino seems to be ok now which is great news.

So yep, the manga is gonna continue soon. :)
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Hoshino puts D.Gray-man manga on hold due to health.

This year's 51st issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has announced on Monday that Katsura Hoshino has put her D.Gray-man supernatural adventure manga on hold due to her health. The magazine has not announced when D.Gray-man will return. The manga began in 2004, and Viz Media has published the 11th of the 16 current volumes this month.

Oh dear. What now?


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